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May 5, 2020

Look who’s hiring: Some job opportunities we thought you might like

This week, use your software engineering skills to have influence over objects floating in space.

  • Words: Josh Fanning, Johnny von Einem, Angela Skujins

Since CityMag print is on hiatus because of the pandemic, we decided to run some of our “employment edition” content into our online reportage. Follow this blog (updated weekly) with the jobs we think you’d be great at!

And if you’re hiring – please get in touch.



In space, no one can hear you ask for a software update. This photo: NASA

New listing
• Job: Embedded Software Engineer
• Specifics: Software development, designing and building custom protocols, working with in-house developed hardware
• Starts: Applications now open

Yet another job in South Australia’s space industry has come up, this time with Inovor Technologies.

The company, which is based in Lot Fourteen on North terrace, is looking for an Embedded Software Engineer.

As an ESE, you’ll report to the Satellite Software Team Leader, which sounds very much like you will have some sort of control over an object floating about in space. This is very cool. If you have the relevant qualifications, you should apply for this.

See further details here.



Build “sweet rigs”

New listing
• Job: Mechanical Design Engineer
• Specifics: Developing novel mechanical solutions for electronics products for use in rugged Automotive and Military applications
• Starts: Applications now open

REDARC is a market leader in the field of power electronics, with its primary focus on power management, safety, voltage converters and mobile solar solutions for the recreation and leisure, transport, emergency vehicles, defence and marine markets.

The outfit is looking for an independent and proactive mechanical design engineer to join their mechanical engineering team, to aid in the development of novel mechanical solutions for electronics products used in rugged automotive and military applications.

If you’re big on mechanics, this is for you.

The ideal candidate (again, this is you) will have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and three years’ experience. “Substantial knowledge of plastic enclosure design and production implementation” is preferred.

Find more info and apply here.



Glitz, glamour, pine needles

• Job: Multiple roles
• Specifics: Production, development and communications
• Starts: Applications open

The bright lights of Hollywood have never been more distant – and, frankly, more riddled with undesirable viral threat.

Shame about the commander-in-chief over there doing diddly-squat about it.

But this all makes that gorgeous local film and television beacon, the South Australian Film Corp, shine all the brighter in our eyes – as our industry continues to grow and evolve into ever stronger versions of itself.

You could be part of this transformative time in South Australia’s filmic history by applying for one of the roles advertised on their site right now.

Sure, you may have missed the opportunity to share the Pirie Street pavement with Harry Potter himself (you should watch that film though), but think of all the glitz and glamour and polite but distanced pleasantries you might exchange with other members of the craft’s hoity-toity high and mighty as they visit our fair city.

You’ll only find out if you apply. Do it here.



Post-its will help

• Job: Executive Manager, People & Culture
• Specifics: A strategic people and culture leader who will work collaboratively with the executive team to enhance company culture
• Starts: Unspecified, applications open

Land Services SA are leading property experts in South Australia – and, if you’re the people-leading-person type, they need your help.

The organisation is looking for an Executive Manager who will work collaboratively with the executive team to “enhance company culture”.

This will involve developing and delivering LSSA’s People and Culture Strategy, Human Resources function, including Workplace Health and Safety.

It’s an opportunity to help South Australia’s corporate workplace culture evolve, one office at a time.

If you’re up to the challenge, read more and apply here.



Jobs may feel like they’re getting fewer, but they’re also getting cooler – study maths and science kids!

• Job: Spacecraft Systems Engineer
• Specifics: Via this link
• Starts: Applications due 8 July

Adding to the real and tangible opportunities in the space industry here – SITAEL Australia have just posted this childhood dream job – Spacecraft Systems Designer.

While we’re sure it’s going to be a lot more complicated than the cardboard / PVC designs we created in primary school, jobs like this are only going to become more and more available as the nation invests in the space industry.

This newly created role will expand the company’s capabilities to design, build and integrate spacecraft in Australia. The Spacecraft Systems Engineer will work across satellite projects, in close collaboration with our partners to undertake systems design, integration and testing aspects, as well as supporting broader space mission topics such as launch and ground communications.

How good!

There are more details here. And FYI – SITAEL isn’t a start up. It’s an Italian parent company that employs over 350 people worldwide (and growing).



You’ll be marketing clothes (small clothes)

Ryder Wear
• Job: Performance Marketing Lead
• Specifics: Reporting to the Head of Digital, the Performance Marketing Specialist will lead performance marketing channels, including (but not limited to) Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Shopping.
• Starts: Unsure

The Ryderwear team is growing and they’re looking for an experienced Performance Marketer to take the reins of their paid search and social marketing channels.

Founded in South Australia, the company has 50+ employees and is growing (hence the ad). We saw this position posted by man-about-town Mal Chia (formerly of Uber) and this industry is only growing in Australia and around the world as the aesthetic and wellness economies collide on Instagram.

You’ll need 5+ years of experience on the tools with ecommerce and mobile apps sprinkled in to get a proper look-in.

Mal reckons it’s “an incredibly rare and exciting opportunity in South Australia to get on at the ground floor of a global brand.”

See more and apply here.



An artist impression of your career in renewables!

Simec Energy
• Job: 700 positions vacant
• Specifics: If you want to express interest in working with Simec to help build the Cultana Solar Farm, or you’re a business looking to supply services or goods, fill in your details via this link
• Starts: July?!?

Work on the long-awaited 280-megawatt Cultana Solar Farm in South Australia could begin as early as July. The project is on a 1,100ha site north of Whyalla on Eyre Peninsula and is of such magnitude that it has officially* been dubbed a doozy.

The project is the first large-scale project in plan to generate one gigawatt of dispatchable renewable energy in South Australia.

SIMEC Energy Australia is part of billionaire industrialist Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG Alliance and is delivering the project through an engineer, procure and construction (EPC) partnership with Shanghai Electric.

We wrote about a portion of Gupta’s plan through the lens of South Australian battery and renewable technology firm, Zen Energy in 2018.

This is absolutely the company of the future, and they’ve got 700 job openings. So, yeah, apply here!

*unofficially, by CityMag



One of these things is a star of the universe, the other looks like a star as it orbits the earth

Fleet Space
• Jobs: Five positions vacant
• Specifics: View the job titles via this link
• Starts: Unspecified

CityMag has loved Fleet Space, ever since we met them on the set of their epic space odyssey three years ago.

CEO Flavia Tata Nardini, CTO Dr Matt Tetlow, and COO Matt Pearson hail from or have worked in Italy, Germany, and Sydney respectively, but were drawn to SA variously for its business opportunities, tertiary institutions, and – as is so often the case – for love.

Flavia arrived four years ago, moving to her husband’s hometown of Adelaide and bringing along a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the space industry – a field in which her adopted city offered very few opportunities. Fast forward three years and it’s hard to Google “space industry” without a photo of Flavia popping up (or CityMag‘s dog, Fred, for that matter).

And Fleet is growing, posting new positions on their website recently.

This is future work in the same vein as what Gupta’s doing with Whyalla and it’s great to know that South Australia is moving in this direction.



You could probably pay us in potatoes tbh

• Job: Various
• Specifics: Everything from a seasonal citrus picker to full-time farm assistant
• Starts: Now

A new jobs campaign targeting South Australians to do seasonal work in the primary industries sector such as fruit picking and grape harvesting, was launched recently by the Marshall Government to help boost regional economies dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus.

If you – like us – have often romanticised the idea of getting off grid and living off the land – then this is your opportunity (if you need work right now) to test your mettle against the reality of working in agriculture.

The Seasonal Jobs SA website will connect jobseekers with jobs and agencies sourcing workers across agricultural jobs in the state, providing information on roles and requirements, places to stay, coronavirus restrictions and more.



Though fleets are grounded, there’s still plenty of work to be done

• Job: Various roles
• Specifics: Everything from engineering to project managing
• Starts: Applications are now open

Boeing is not only responsible for carting hundreds of passengers around the world for commercial airline carriers, they’re also making sure the air above us is secure. Boeing Defence Australia is a leader in the aerospace defence industry and is advertising a range of jobs on their website.



You shouldn’t expect your average water cooler talk at Naval Group.

Naval Group
• Job: Various roles
• Specifics: Everything from multimedia through to business architect
• Starts: Applications are now open

Naval Group have a bunch of jobs listed on their site and several EOI callouts live right now. The range of jobs and skills this company are pulling into the operation makes it look like coronavirus has absolutely zero impact on their trajectory.



If this is how happy they are in a pandemic – imagine how great office morale will be post-COVID-19

Department of Health & Wellbeing
• Job: Short term contracts
• Specifics: Open to everyone
• Starts: ASAP

The Department of Health & Wellbeing has put a call out for extra hands on deck during COVID-19 as part of their response to the pandemic.

See the department’s available positions here. Or head here to browse the positions elsewhere in the South Australian government.

Good luck!



This could be you, working for BAE Systems. Source: BAE Systems

• Job: Various roles
• Specifics: Engineering and management roles
• Starts: Applications are now open

BAE Systems is a provider of some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions, and a lot of their work happens right here in South Australia.

There are a number of jobs listed with the company, which you can browse here. Just tick the ‘SA-…’ entries on the page’s sidebar.



A photographic approximation of your new workplace. Source: Unsplash

• Job: Various roles
• Specifics: Datacom is a professional services provider
• Starts: Applications are now open

With estimates that more than a million Australians have lost their job as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak, multinational professional services outfit Datacom is looking to fill thousands of roles to work in purpose-built contact centres across Australia – including here in Adelaide.

Datacom is working to provide services for those critical Federal Government agencies providing frontline services for the country’s COVID-19 response.

Find a run down of Datacom’s current career opportunities in Adelaide here.



• Job: Film Production
• Specifics: Experienced crew and screen services providers
• Starts: When COVID-19 restrictions lift

Crime thriller, “The Unknown Man” has been confirmed to shoot in South Australia, when film productions resume after the coronavirus crisis.

The crime thriller stars Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom, The Great Gatsby, Boy Erased) and UK star Sean Harris (The King, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation).

The Unknown Man producer Rachel Gardner says, “this is a challenging time for our industry, particularly for crew, but we are gearing up to move straight into production on The Unknown Man, which will be shooting in and around Adelaide, as soon as is practicable.”

And we know there’ll be jobs on set with this production company, as it’s the second time they’ve visited sunny South Australia.

“We are delighted to welcome See Saw Films back to South Australia with The Unknown Man after they previously embraced our locations and talent with their stunning production of Tracks in 2013,” says CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation Kate Croser.

“Such a major production presents significant opportunities for South Australian crew and screen service providers from right across the sector, and the SAFC is working closely with producers to ensure the best outcomes for our local talent.”

Production dates for The Unknown Man will be determined at a future time, pending the ongoing Covid-19 emergency.

Various roles will be available on the production for South Australian crew and extras. Experienced SA crew and talent are invited to submit expressions of interest and their CV to the production for consideration here.

Experienced South Australian crew and screen service providers are also encouraged to register and/or update their details in the SAFC’s Crew and Services Directory – a free, searchable database that provides information about local screen industry professionals and support services.



• Job: Mining and associated roles
• Specifics: Can be found on this page
• Starts: Now

Seldom on Twitter, we saw a recent post from BHP advertising it would be hiring for 1,500 positions across their Australian operations as a response to COVID-19.

After spending a protracted amount of time grimacing at the responses on Twitter from well-meaning dolts asking BHP to “please stop destroying Australia to extract fossil fuels” and “Please support renewables” (what do they think wind turbines and solar PV is made out of), we found the relevant links to find out just what kinds of jobs BHP is hiring for right now.


Got a position vacant? Looking beyond the low-key lockdown of COVID-19 and want to get a running start at the rebuilding process? Our readers are doers, makers, thinkers, creators and all-round excellent people to have on your team. After all, you’re reader aren’t you.

Please get in touch. Let’s make Tuesdays good news days from now on.


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