CityMag is a quarterly magazine about Adelaide and how it fits in with the rest of the world.

Our readers live or work in downtown Adelaide – but are curious about the world’s best and search the city to find high-quality on their doorstep.

Made by a team of Adelaide journalists, photographers, designers and artists, we want CityMag to help fledgling business, committed citizens and established institutions continue to make the most out of their home town and build a better city centre. We fundamentally believe the city is the best place to live, work, study and play and we’re keen to show you why.

citymag_farrin_foster Farrin Foster – Editor

citymag_joshua_fanning Joshua Fanning – Owner and Publisher

citymag_lauren_bezzina Lauren Bezzina – Senior Designer

citymag_julian_cebo Julian Cebo – Business Development

citymag_johnny_von_einem Johnny von Einem – Journalist

citymag_sharmonie_cockayne Sharmonie Cockayne – Creative Producer & Fashion Director