As a special response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and uncertainty around business right now, CityMag is offering: FREE SUPPORT

We are currently building lists of businesses and how they are adapting their business model to better serve customers during reduce social interactions. Please supply us a quality image of your business and details of the innovation.

If what you’re doing is an unprecedented or exceptional innovation with benefit to our readers – we will produce a FREE standalone article.

Please email our publisher, Josh Fanning with details of what your business is doing to cope: jfanning@

Alternatively –

Johnny von Einem is our online editor

If you’re considering pitching freelance articles or you’re a publicist – please make sure you’re familiar with the structure of the magazine and tone of our work. We work within a tightly edited system and appreciate and commission writers, photographers and artists who are (at the very least) aware of how we do things.


As a reaction to COVID-19 CityMag has developed specialised and drastically low prices for any and all businesses looking to amplify their reach and message during this time. For all advertising and commercial partnership enquiries, please phone our office (+61) 8   8224 1600 or email either,

Joshua Fanning:


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