Founded in 2013, CityMag was created as an insider’s guide to life and business in downtown Adelaide. Reporting on the city’s unique habits as well as its commerce and culture, CityMag gives readers insight into what’s trending, whose business is booming and where the best places to eat and drink are..

We send journalists and photographers on assignment together in order to deliver a more in-depth and authentic style of reporting that has true value to our audience. We speak with confidence to a mature and modern reader – the type of people who are doing the next big thing and creating a new and exciting city and state in the meantime.

Advertising with CityMag takes many forms but we do, as a policy, only work with full and half page artwork to maintain fewer positions and more prevalence of your brand and retail message in our publication.

Rather than the same-old approach to a media kit – we’ve gone the extra mile and interviewed both clients and readers about the real world impact our brand has.

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