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May 17, 2020

Sucre Patisserie offers online special celebrations

Sucre Patisserie owner Keva Freeman immediately felt the effects of the pandemic shutdown at her pastry and cake business.

  • Words: Ruby Leventeris
  • Pictures: Tyrone Ormsby


“I had a lot happening in the business in March, including booked out cooking classes, weddings and big events,” says Keva Freeman, founder and owner of Sucre Patisserie at the upper end of Magill Road in the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters.

The Adelaide born chef, who cooks up treats at her gorgeous shopfront, has needed to think on her feet and switch up her business model which normally includes five days a week trading hours.


Sucre Patisserie
397 Magill Road, St. Morris


She temporarily closed her patisserie following several event cancellations, as people could no longer hold weddings and bigger events.

“I decided to open my online store where smaller orders could be purchased and began offering smaller patisserie choices,” Keva says.

Keva took private orders, whatever the occasion, and decided to focus on people in home isolation.

“I’ve done popular ‘isolation celebration’ cakes and packs to get people through isolation.” Keva says.

Keva has adapted her business to offer contactless delivery as well as a pick up in store service for her goodies.


Magill RoadThis week, in partnership with the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters, CityMag is showcasing the resilience of the businesses on Magill Road in the face of the COVID-19 shutdown.

(Below) Keva Freeman

“I still have some December weddings booked in, but the baby showers I have coming up are not yet cancelled but also not fully confirmed,” she says.

“My cooking classes have also been cancelled. I am thankful that the people wanting to attend have simply postponed their classes and have not cancelled all together.”

Sucre Patisserie holds two cooking classes per month that go from between 3 to 6 hours each and Keva is glad that the classes have been put on hold, hoping they will take place in the near future.

“I am actually reconsidering how I will run my business after the shutdown, the online store is doing so well I may need to assess if I have so many opening hours,” Keva says.

“I have been overwhelmed at how well the business has been embraced during this time and how people are taking advantage of the special offers.”

Keva has maintained that her regulars that are continuing to support her and is ecstatic that she has a variety of new customers that have found her via social media.

“I have had many people who follow me on Instagram and Facebook go to the online store and place orders,” Keva says.

The neighbouring Saigon Café also changed their business to solely takeaway and Keva says she will have restricted hours for a little while longer before deciding when to return to full-time capacity.

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