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May 17, 2020

Outside Square switched it up

Angela Gianakis is the award-winning owner behind Outside Square, who has been on Magill Road since 2006 kicking goals with her interior design business and inspiring homewares shopfront.

  • Words: Ruby Leventeris
  • Pictures: Tyrone Ormsby


“I decided to remain open at reduced hours, from eleven until two, and made sure to follow all the rules of social distancing,” Angela Gianakis tells CityMag over the phone.

“People have been respectful of the fact that there is uncertainty and, in fairness, it has caused some angst and fear,” Angela says.


Magill Road

Outside Square
155 Magill Road, Stepney


This week, in partnership with the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters, CityMag is showcasing the resilience of the businesses on Magill Road in the face of the COVID-19 shutdown.

“There was a vibe felt all around, people have been conscious of one another and positively taking care of each other which has been really good.”

“Our homewares store space is about 220 square metres so there was no need to be worried about having too many people in the store, I also have a small team who work at the back,” Angela says.

Angela decided to reduce her staff to a minimum as times became tough during lockdown.

“We aren’t sure what would’ve happened, we ended up needing to cut down staff by 80 per cent,” Angela says.

She then chose to add another facet to her homewares shopfront, separate from her design consulting, and began selling a variety of take-home meals to her customers.

To keep people coming in, we make homemade meals such as moussaka that’s made fresh and not onsite, to make sure people can take them home and freeze for their families,” Angela says.


“It’s also given me time to also work on my online store and our store goes live in two weeks,” Angela says.

Angela has noticed other businesses in her vicinity have remained open and have takeaway options, with Ambrossini cooking meals for pick-up and delivery.

Outside Square is open for consultations and browsing and will be available for online shopping in the coming weeks.

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