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May 20, 2020

Magill Road small businesses have used the pandemic to create new ideas and models for success

The hustle and bustle of Magill Road came to a halt as restrictions were placed on non-essential business, but the vendors and their various shopfronts have reacted by thinking creatively and moving forward in these new times.

  • Words: Ruby Leventeris
  • Pictures: Jessica Clark


Magill Road has become a hub for innovation as local business owners continue to reinvent themselves while staying true to what makes them a unique precinct in Adelaide.


Magill RoadThis week, in partnership with the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters, CityMag is showcasing the resilience of the businesses on Magill Road in the face of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Twopairs Homewares
145 Magill Road, Stepney


In the COVID-19 version of our city, vendors on Magill Road have taken the opportunity to continue to serve their local and loyal customers in fresh, original ways.

And although many of these businesses were deemed non-essential, they have not let the circumstances get them down and instead have rallied together and brainstormed a way to create a community where nothing is impossible.

Below is the first in our series of articles on the strip, featuring the beautiful Twopairs Homeware store.


“We decided to close as soon as government regulations came out, I just wanted to keep my business and customers safe, it was a personal choice,” says Christina Moulton of Twopairs Homewares.

“I wanted to listen to the government and ended up closing for five weeks.”

Initially Christina opened by appointments or only when customers would call into the store but ended that service fairly quickly.

“I took the time off and used it as an opportunity to get the online store happening and invest some time into making it successful,” Christina says.

“We noticed it kicked in big time and people started shopping online immediately, our customers that would normally shop in store immediately switched over to online.”

Her decision to invest into her online store proved to be successful, as her loyal and long-time customers quickly came back to support her when she opened on the Thursday before Mother’s Day this year.

“It was a really fantastic response and a lot of people were around shopping, which was really positive,”

Christina also took the time to paint the shop front, get the floors re-done and chat to other shop owners on the strip.

“I speak to the owners of Flourish and Asser and Co, and we all had the same ideas as of when to close and eventually reopen,” Christina says.

Twopairs currently has restricted opening hours and is making sure everyone in the community is kept safe whilst shopping.

“Most of the stores along the road decided to close, for business and safety reasons, but everyone is reopening slowly as of late last week and early this week,” she says.

“I am excited that everyone wants to do a bit of shopping and get supporting.”

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