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February 24, 2023

FELTspace is seeking FELTwriters

With the second year of FELTspace's FELTwriter program, produced in collaboration with CityMag, currently underway, the organisation is seeking arts-interested writers looking to build their portfolio while getting paid.

As an Adelaide-based, artist-run organisation with a focus on supporting emerging, experimental and diverse artists, FELTspace knows the value of thoughtful, intelligent and engaging arts writing.


FELTwriter Expressions of Interest
Applications open until Friday, 3 March
(Date extended from 26 February)
Submit a 500-1000 word writing sample and a one-page CV to

Connect with FELTspace:

In 2022, the gallery launched its FELTwriter program in collaboration with CityMag, in which the organisation invites one arts writer per exhibition to experience the showing artists’ work and create a written response.

The series has seen Iona Mackenzie catch ephemeral memories triggered by Isaac Kairouz, Connal Lee explore the scars in Bernadette Klavins’ work and Anisha Pillarisetty confront Franklin Holfeld’s monsters.

Our FELTwriters not only offer CityMag readers a first-hand experiential account of the work, but the artists get insight into the ways their art is being received by real-live humans in a real-live room.

Applications are currently open for the next round of FELTwriters, with expressions of interest sought up until Friday, 3 March.

As part of the FELTwriter program, you’ll not only be invited along to the opening night of the exhibition, you’ll get a $150 writers fee, courtesy of FELTspace, editorial feedback and guidance courtesy of CityMag editor Johnny von Einem, and you’ll be published on the CityMag and InDaily websites.

If you’re interested in being part of the 2023 FELTwriter initiative, send a 500-1000 word writing sample and one-page CV through to with ‘FELTspace x CityMag Submission’ in the subject line.

Art can’t thrive in a vacuum, so if you want to contribute to the Adelaide’s cultural conversation, we’d love to see you apply.

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