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September 4, 2019

Bowden: Population 1,000 and growing

The former Clipsal industrial site on the city's north-western edge is building on the success of early adopters and filling out the neighbourhood with some of the most valuable real estate yet.

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  • Words: Alyssa Cairo & Josh Fanning
  • Renders of 354 Bowden 'On the park'

Arriving in Bowden the first thing we notice are the plants, and how much they’ve grown since we were here last.

People’s balconies are full of potted trees and flowering creepers and the brand new neighbourhood looks exactly as though it’s always been here. Walk a little further into the heart of the development though and you’ll discover freshly-poured concrete and cranes hauling structural steel into place.

Bowden is making room for yet more neighbours.

“There are a 1,000 people living in this development now,” says Project Director for Bowden at Renewal SA, Shane Wingard.

We’re visiting Bowden for a property update on the key development, 354 Bowden that will add more than 200 residents to the local population.

Garden grows on balconies at Bowden

Builders preparing the concrete footings of the building

The foundations of 354 Bowden, ‘On the park’


354 Bowden is the joint venture by Buildtec and Development and Advisory we reported on in 2017. It will complete its first suite of apartments early next year.

“Of the 225 proposed apartments, 137 of the apartments in stage one, ‘On the Park’, ‘On The Lane’ and ‘On Fifth’ will be completed by the first quarter of 2020,” says Ben Yates, director of Development & Advisory.

And the new tenants are already getting to know one another, Ben tells us.

“We held a get-to-know-your-neighbour party the other week,” says Ben. “It was incredible to meet everyone and see them together as a group, because you couldn’t have predicted the type of person there – there were so many different ages and professions – but they all got along really well.

“Too well, in fact,” says Ben laughing, “we had to kick them out at 9pm well after the scheduled finish time of the event.”

Buildtec and Development & Advisory also understand their customers’ desire for a convenient lifestyle, with access to the city and nearby transport infrastructure.

People buying into 354 Bowden, “still love being outside, they love to be amongst greenery but also love the flexibility of being able to lock-up-and-leave and not worry about watering or mowing the lawn,” says Ben.

Photo of Ben Yates and Shane Wingard

Left: Ben Yates and Shane Wingard in front of the 354 Bowden construction site


The project has not only redefined urban living in the heart of Bowden, but has given true meaning to sustainability.

“Bowden is what we believe to be the highest concentration of 5 Star Green Star residential building in Australia,” says Shane Wingard.

Shane is speaking to the entirety of the Bowden development but Ben unpacks a little more about what that green star rating means for 354 Bowden.

“It means we’ve considered sustainability from the outset with our design process, looking to encourage natural ventilation, using sustainable materials, local materials and how we’re capturing passive energy from the sun with our northern aspect and everything like that,” says Ben. “This isn’t just a green-washing campaign, this is best practice,” he adds.

The roots of Bowden’s earthy character are maintained in 354 Bowden through its use of natural materials, complemented by neutral colour palettes for apartment exteriors and interiors alike.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a part of an innovative, sustainable urban community or you’re keen to see what all the hype is about, you can visit the 354 Bowden Information & Sales Centre to find out more.


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