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December 12, 2018

CityMag’s Considerate Christmas 2018

Support owner-operated stores, buy locally made things, and avoid giving needless clutter this Christmas with CityMag's considerate gift guide (featuring Lucia's pasta sauce in bulk).

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Relove, $6.00+

Assorted ceramics fired in a solar-powered kiln will give them warm-fuzzies. Featured above, a planter and custom-made keep cup.





Lucia’s Fine Foods, $10.00

Gerry Wedd 60th anniversary tea towel is an excellent and useful gift because we all have dishes to dry. Nice tea towels are a luxury people tend not to buy themselves.





Hebe & Co., $14.95 +

Vanessa Megan autumn afternoon natural perfumes are made in Australia are a 100% natural alternative to perfume, are alcohol free, cruelty free and vegan-friendly. Visit Hebe & Co. at Shop 12, Regent Arcade, Adelaide SA 5000.





Monday’s Coffee Store, $18

Collectable coffee colours for the coffee connoisseur. All ethically traded and sourced, roasted locally and always changing.





Little Bang Brewing Company, $22.50

A weird beer like the Pinkening Hibiscus Session Sour is a true treat. Something brand new and fizzy to try on the day or save for later – either way – Little Bang’s new brewery is well worth a visit.





Have You Met Charlie?, $23.00

Nicola Rowlands mugs say it all really. Have you Met Charlie in Regent Arcade is an incredible resource for last-minute gifts and you can choose from local as well as international artists, clothes and design items.





Haigh’s Chocolates, $23.50

Dark scorched almonds are a favourite of ours and are sure to get scoffed down quick, but the leftover tin actually creates a perfect container for organising the end of 2018’s mess so you can start a-fresh in 2019.





Twenty Fifty Two, $29.95

Forget that ‘new phone feeling’ that hides technology’s planned obsolescence – NEW SOCK FEELING is real and people will be genuinely sad if you don’t get them these plush Pass~Port socks from Twenty Fifty Two.





Lucia’s Fine Foods, $30.00

Unwrapping good tomato sauce in bulk will not only be surprising but will really make the right person happy. Not everyone treats themselves to top-quality passata (or in this case Napoletana sauce), so unwrapping six jars of the good stuff really will charm your giftee.





Art Gallery of SA Store, $30.00

Julie White is an iconic SA designer supporting local artists is the gift that gives twice. This tea towel is a simple way to brighten a kitchen and pairs perfectly with your KINK oil bottle from the JamFactory. Also – for your extra convenience – AGSA now has its very own online store!





Imprints Booksellers, $33.00

‘Cherry’ by the currently incarcerated Nico Walker sounds intriguing. A book for summer is a must. Read it together and form your own book club and resolve to spend less time on social media scrolling and more time with books, reading. Imprints is the best place for buying and browsing.





Imprints Booksellers, $35.00

Seeing Stars is like giving a cheat sheet to the heavens above. The perfect gift for a young or old person, this book can stay at home or travel to shacks and holidays further abroad. One of the greatest shows on earth is available to all of us at night, if we get away from the city lights and tilt our head back ever-so-slightly. Seeing Stars will make you see the sky like you’ve never seen it before.





Leigh Street Luggage, $39.00

Look at this incredible piece of industrial design. This is that perfect Christmas Gift that breaches the gap of knowing what to get an adult whose taste eludes you. Memobottle – a certified B Corp – looks great, functions well and feels valuable all for under $50.





Imprints Booksellers, $40.00/

Photo books of Australian gardens, landscapes and world history perform extraordinarily well on the day and afterwards too. These books from Imprints are particularly impressive – re-coloured black and white photos from historic events since the camera was invented, through to the weirdly familiar photographs of Australian suburbia.





One Hectare, $45.00

Hello Cocky comes framed and ready to wrap someone up in love with you. Original art makes a difference to any home and this illustrated style serves perfectly for anyone’s home you think could benefit from some brightening up.





Art Gallery of SA, $45.00

Chiharu Shiota exhibition book with Japanese binding is something completely unique. Only available from the AGSA Store online and on North Terrace, this incredible book could be a great starter-pack for then inviting your giftee to visit the gallery and experience the incredible art installation in the Melrose Wing.





Monday’s Coffee Store, $50.00

This Kinto cast teapot looks beautiful with and without tea in it. The whole Kinto range available from Monday’s Coffee Store are elegant, functional and robust gifts for those people who have a refined aesthetic and a good taste for fine imbibes.





Lucia’s Fine Foods, $55.00/

The idea to do a gift guide pretty much came from the fact that we at CityMag lament the fact that no one gives small goods as presents. Introducing someone to good charcuterie is a gift that has the potential to change a life. Do yourself a favour and give quality, SA-cured meats and cheese these summer holidays.





Haigh’s Chocolates, $73.50

The small dark chocolate selection hamper box basically buys a friend for life. It’s boxed and wrapped and ready for you to spend all of 15 seconds picking up and then the inevitable 15 minutes in the always long line at Haigh’s during Christmas. Worth it.





JamFactory, $95.50

DROP Jugs, designed by Liam Fleming, are functional art that invite the giftee to interpret their use based on the needs they have. Whatever they end up being used for, they will look beautiful doing it.





Leigh Street Luggage, $115.00

Leigh Street Luggage is a secret goldmine for gifts. These Secrid mini wallet cardholders are like toys for grownups, they’re small they’re beautiful and they will be cherished by the person looking to downsize their purse or wallet.





Haigh’s Chocolates, $113.00

That’s your big boy. This large milk & dark chocolate selection box is like summer holiday rations. It’s got everything you need to last through Christmas Day and Boxing Day beyond.





Art Gallery of SA, $120.00

We are going to buy this for mum. She will love it and we will win Christmas and our siblings will cry as we’re anointed favourite. This 100 per cent silk scarf featuring artists from AGSA’s collection is timeless and should go a long way to ensuring extra crackling on the plate come the 25th.





Sarah Rothe, $120.00/

Sarah Rothe’s shop in Regent Arcade is beautiful. Working in titanium gives the jeweller a modern edge but these delicate Forest Floor earrings made from titanium are also completely badass.





JamFactory, $130.00

The SPLICE Board, designed by Andrew Carvolth, goes very well with cheese (as per our call to give smallgoods and cheese earlier in the guide). A good chopping board for presenting the after (or before) dinner cheese, nut and cracker selection will level up your giftee’s dinner party game!





Treadly Bike Shop, $139.00

This Wishbone Design Studio Mini-Flip is a rocking chair as well as a scooter. It’s the best toy we’ve ever seen and we wish they made them in adult sizes. Such great value and beautiful craftsmanship – this is a great gift for the 12-24 month old.





Urban Cow Studio, $160.00

Elodie Barker has had these classic sculptures in Urban Cow since the store opened 25 years ago. They harken back to a different time in Adelaide’s aesthetic that we feel is coming back around right now. They’re heavy, with rubber stoppers on their feet and we reckon you know exactly who wants one and what they’d do with it.





BK Wines, $180.00 +

Don’t forget the wine! A membership to the BK Wine Club takes care of summer for someone. You can buy six online, or sign up to a regular drop. Either way this is a winning gift.





Jauma, $185.00

A half dozen of James Erskine’s finest are getting harder to find in South Australia and the in-demand winemaker continues to find success exporting his product interstate and overseas. We like to think of this gift as a bit of a boomerang, given to someone in your household who’ll likely open up and share a couple with you.





JamFactory, $240.00

Good glass is underappreciated by most. Giving the SWING decanter, designed by Liam Fleming, and available from the JamFactory will up someone’s wine game considerably. And what’s interesting about a decanter is that it improves the flavour of both fancy and less fancy wine – so no matter the status of your giftee’s cellar, this piece will improve everything.





Leigh Street Luggage, $495.00

The Things Terrific leather duffle bag does everything you need it to and all with minimal fuss. Simple, elegant and functional, this classic shape leather bag is good to carry on for a quick trip or attach to a larger luggage load for longer trips. Everything Leigh Street Luggage has in store will make you want to travel with a little more style next time you fly.






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