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December 13, 2018
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Little Bang’s new brewery grand opening

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CityMag was introduced to Little Bang’s Henry Street space back in August when it was little more than a brick and mortar shell.

It’s been a busy four months for the crew, and with all 20 taps installed and ready to pour the time has come to officially warm the new brewery, when it officially opens at 4pm on Thursday, 13 December.


Little Bang’s Henry Street brewery opening

25 Henry Street, Stepney

4pm Thursday, 13 December.

Festoon lighting stretches from the entrance to the back wall and highlights the grandiose scale of the new operation, while a large scale Galactopus mural behind the lengthy bar greets thirsty guests.

The first beer roster will see 14 Little Bang brews sit alongside six guest taps of local and imported brews, including from Rodenbach and Sixpoint Brewery.

As good as the new space is for we, the punters, it’s also a pivotal moment in Little Bang’s history.

“I think when we first started, five years ago in 2013, at the very, very start, we were literally trying to build a thing in Fil’s garage to see what we could get away with doing in our hobby,” Ryan told us back in August.

“We’ve been so incremental up ‘til now… every step of the way, the minute we have a nice idea, we either run out of beer or run out of space to put people in… It will be nice for once to be in that position of, how much do we actually want? We can dedicate that space to it.

“[And] having more capacity’s going to give us the opportunity to really go and push and see if we can find every space in the country that would take our stuff, if they only had the opportunity; whereas even now, I’ve got to be slightly selective in what we offer to other states, because we want to at least have our regular home base supporters supplied all the time.”

There’s a lot to celebrate on Henry Street, so head along and cheers to the bright future of SA beer.

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