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October 6, 2016
Adelaide's Best

Introducing Chicco Palms

The people behind Chicken & Pig, Pizza e Mozzarella and Borsa Pasta Cucina head west to take over a very special space.

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  • Pictures: Jessica Clark

Barnacle Bill is dead, long live Barnacle Bill.

In recent times, the iconic fisherman and his deep fried goods have been little more than a memory along Henley Beach Road, where all that remains of the seafood franchise is a shuttered restaurant and an empty sign. While the Captain (we assume he’s a Captain?) lives on in other suburbs, his legacy at the Brooklyn Park location is about to be completely replaced with something very different.

Siblings Peter DeMarco and Silvia DeMarco are taking over the site as the home for their newest venture Chicco Palms.


For the project, the duo is joining with Phillip Tropeano, Natalie Albany, Ernesto Sestito and Domenic Maurici – who are variously involved with venues like Chicken & PigPizza e Mozzarella Bar and Borsa Pasta Cucina.

“The menu is 50s style Italian which is inspired by the homemade food of the owner’s grandparents,” says Silvia.

“The food concept is simple – spaghetti and meatballs; cotoletta Milanese; pizzaiola; freshly baked, custom made in-house Panini (at lunch time only) and all day Pizza Romana.”

The interior is being handled by MASH Design – who are already well known for their eclectic work on the likes of Africola and Bali’s Motel Mexicola.

Set to open in early January 2017, Chicco Palms looks to be yet another reason to keep going west.




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