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June 25, 2019
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Take Me To Paradise Vol. 2

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Things got foggy at Chateau Apollo the last time the Brothers Graham, Ollie and Lewis, AKA Paradise Loft, got together with Mark Kamleh (of Skin Contact, Tiger Mountain, and now Syrian Mobile Disco) for a night of New York Disco.

The team is getting together again this weekend, on Saturday, 29 June, for Volume 2 of Take Me To Paradise.


Take Me To Paradise Vol. 2
Chateau Apollo
74 Frome Street, Adelaide 5000
8:30pm Saturday, 29 June
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LR: Party officials Lewis Graham, Mark Kamleh and Ollie Graham


“We will be creating a one-night-only environment that will harbour liberation and positivity,” Ollie says.

“It’ll be a slice of the melting pot culture of the ’70s New York disco scene.”

If that doesn’t paint a clear enough picture, see below (and play on repeat).

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