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November 19, 2020

How to keep active during lockdown

Even though you can’t go outdoors to sweat bullets, you can still raise your heart rate inside with CityMag’s list of South Australian indoor exercise service providers.

  • Words: Angela Skujins
  • Main image: Co-owner of Glenelg exercise studio FORM Pilates and Barre Clancy Sullivan (supplied)


Unless you’re an essential worker carrying out your daily duties, or you’re seeking medical care or buying supermarket products, South Australians cannot leave their homes for the next six days.

“I know the restrictions we have put in place have been challenging,” Premier Steven Marshall said today at a press conference, “[but] we need to stay at home to isolate the virus.”

When we were told yesterday we would go into a six-day lockdown, social distancing and hand-washing flooded back to this reporter like muscle memory.

We were also told we wouldn’t be able to leave the house to exercise, and so we’ve been eying-off the exercise mat in our living room despondently ever since.

Luckily, this is one of the first restrictions expected to lift. But we’re also keen to rise to the challenge of interior exercising, and will be treating it as an opportunity to get absolutely swole in a very short period.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, exercise can boost your mental health, help you sleep, and make working from home more efficient

Here’s a list of South Australian exercise service providers that can get you moving during these six days.



“Our mission is to keep you moving,” co-owners of Glenelg exercise studio FORM Pilates and Barre, sisters Megan and Clancy Sullivan, say via Facebook, “even if it’s just 10-30 minutes [a day].”

Although Prime Minister Scott Morrison couldn’t pronounce “barre” at the beginning of the year, this doesn’t diminish the benefits of this cardio-ballet blend exercise.

Prior to lockdown, FORM offered in-person barre and Pilates exercises, but due to this latest round of forced closures, they are now offering pre-recorded video workouts online.

More than 30 videos, recorded during the first round of iso, span basic Pilates moves to postural exercises, which can be done with or without equipment.

A $30-a-month membership gives you at-home training, online support from experts and monthly motivating newsletters.

Click here for more info.



“We are here for you Adelaide,” Halifax Street studio Power Living Yoga Adelaide writes online.

The city-based hot yoga studio pivoted to livestreamed classes during the first wave of restrictions in March, and continues to do so, but with a new twist – for the next six days all classes will be free.

Along with 120 others, this reporter participated in a 12:15pm vinyasa flow with Power Living’s Ben Roberts, and our shoulders feel all the better for it.

The online timetable starts as early as 6:30am and the final class ends at 7:15pm. The program spans guided meditations to more intense workouts.

Click here for more info.



Aaron Ramsey owns outer-city gym North Adelaide Fitness Centre, and believes that although the gyms have shut for at least two weeks – as per the first round of restrictions announced on Monday – this doesn’t mean you get to slack off and neglect your health.

“Keeping up your health and fitness is so important,” the Fitness Centre’s Facebook page says. One way to keep moving is joining the “FAFC/R50 online private training program” Facebook group, which is coordinated by North Adelaide Fitness Centre.

The gym usually had a mainstay in Les Mills classes, functional group circuits, weight lifting and personal training sessions, but has adapted to a life lived online.

The new-and-improved online workout roster spans core, circuit and yoga, all enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.

Here’s a link of this week’s roster, which starts at 6am. The last class starts at 5:30pm. More info here.


Picture: Katee Lue via Unsplash


“Broadcasting love from our hearts to yours,” the Fleurieu Yoga says on Facebook yesterday, “[and] we are here”.

At the beginning of iso in March this year, the Aldinga yoga studio altered their face-to-face offerings and went virtual, telling our sister news publication InDaily at the time this was not only to keep their clients moving, but keep their staff employed.

They’re once again offering live and recorded yoga classes for all abilities, with sessions cover breathing techniques to more advanced stretches incorporating props.

Prices span $15 a day or $25 a week. Click here for more info.


Picture: Elena Kloppenbur


SWEAT is the app that is the envy of all other at-home workout apps.

Co-owned by Adelaide-based personal trainers Tobi Pearce and business partner Kayla Itsines – but designed by PixelForce founder Hinney Lo – the mobile app includes 28-minute workouts, meal advice and post-pregnancy plans.

At the beginning of the year, when the pandemic first gripped us all, Tobi noticed a change in consumer demands and immediately increased the variety and volume of at-home content, he told InDaily October.

“SWEAT now has more than 650 at-home workouts within the app and we’re developing even more at-home workout solutions for women globally,” Tobi said.

A yearly plan is $119.94; a monthly plan is $19.99; or pay 66 cents a day. Click here for more info.


Visit SA Health for more information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit our sister publication InDaily for news updates. If the COVID-19 news cycle is affecting your mental health and wellbeing, call the SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line on 1800 632 753.

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