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July 20, 2021

Buy an Adelaide-made face mask

South Australia is in lockdown, so it's time for a seasonal update to your face mask wardrobe.

  • Words: Angela Skujins & Johnny von Einem
  • Main image: Morgan Sette


As of 6pm on Tuesday, 20 July, South Australia is in lockdown.


This list will be updated.
If you’re a South Australian small business making reusable face masks, please get in touch.

For information on South Australian exposure sites, see SA Health.

For up to the minute reporting on South Australia’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, see InDaily.

If the COVID-19 news cycle is affecting your mental health and wellbeing, call the SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line on 1800 632 753.

It’s the first time the state’s been given a work from home order in almost a year, and face masks are now mandatory when leaving the house.

There are just five allowable reasons to leave the house during this lockdown:
—care and compassion reasons;
—essential work;
—the purchasing of essential goods;
—medical reasons, including vaccinations and testing;
—exercise, for a maximum of 90 minutes a day within 2.5km of your home and only with members of your household.

This is obviously terrible, not great, very bad news for a vast variety of reasons – not least of which the consequences set to befall the hospitality and arts sectors, which are still struggling to regain their footing after 2020.

However, in an effort to apply the absolute thinnest of silver linings to the situation (the sunny-minded optimists that we are at CityMag), we suggest using this lockdown as an opportunity to asses the state of your face mask wardrobe.

There are an array of local makers who are still hard at work crafting face masks, all of which are perfect for your next trip to the supermarket or 90-minute outdoor exercise session.

Select a new style from the makers below.



We met local lingerie designer and founder of Bizarre Jana Fuss last year, where we heard the inspiration behind her move into face masks – her mother, who is a nurse at Flinders Medical Centre.

Bizarre has face masks up on their site in black mesh, and beige and red lace (above), available for $10 a piece.

All masks are double-layered and the lace versions have cotton as an inner layer and lace on the outer layer.

Shop Bizarre’s masks here.



If you want something cute and crafty, it’s always a good idea to turn to Etsy, which is where you’ll find BTC Face Masks.

BTC is founded by Kirsty Roberts, a midwife of 20 years who enjoys sewing on the side, and who made a wise turn into face masks last year.

Each BTC mask is constructed with a double layer of cotton and has a pocket in which you can fit a filter.

The standard range of patterns are available for $16 a piece, and there are a range of premium fabrics available for $20 each.

BTC have also created a range of AFL fabrics in the $16 range, if that’s your jam.

Browse the BTC range here.


Club Medical

There’s no shame in being neutral.

If the bright colours and loud prints of the face masks listed above don’t quite jibe with your more reserved nature, Club Medical, located on Port Road in Woodville, has some very basic options for you.

There are a few options of varying textiles and styles, the majority of which are black.

If there’s a message you’d desperately like to communicate to the Adelaide community through the medium of face mask, you can also purchase a mask with a custom design printed onto it.

We only ask that you use this feature responsibly.

The standard face masks range in price from $5—$20, and there’s also a five-pack available for $40.

Browse the range here.


Dream Catch Me

Another Etsy craftsperson making face masks in adorable prints is Dream Catch Me, who turned their knack for scrunchies toward fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Founder Melissa Saint announced via the business’ Instagram she not only has a range of patterns available, but if you find a scrunchie pattern in the Dream Catch Me range you really like, and you ask nicely, she’ll make a face mask for you from the same fabric.

With that said, we see little point in purchasing anything other than a ‘Doug the Pug’ print mask. Maybe that’s just us.

The masks are double-layered and are available for $10 each or $25 for a pack of three.

Browse the Dream Catch Me range here.


Hey Reflect’o

There is one, and only one instance in which you want coronavirus on the side of your face, and that is in vibrant, graphic form printed onto a Hey Reflect’o face mask.

Founder Lisa Penney made a name for Hey Reflect’o in the cycling community, providing pedal-powered road riders a range of colourful, reflective vests and bag and helmet covers to keep them safe and visible on their commute.

The same Day-Glo aesthetic is available with the business’ face masks, so you can just as loudly communicate your intention to keep the South Australian community safe.

Hey Reflect’o’s masks come in a range of options – silver, black, orange, yellow, coral, leopard print and tie-dye.

They’re going for $29 a piece, or you can bulk buy a mixed pack of three, four, or five masks.

Shop the Hey Reflect’o range here.



CityMag was only introduced to the work of Mazzprints’ Marie-Jeanne Tuyisenge recently, but we were immediately capture by the label’s designs and textiles.

Mazzprints also has face masks available, made from the same vibrant African prints seen throughout the Mazzprints range.

There is just one style currently available on the website, in pink and gold, which is made from a fabric imported from Tanzania.

Purchase a mask and browse Mazzprints’ collection here.


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