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November 22, 2022

Adelaide’s new Lord Mayor wants to gut long council meetings

With the new guard of the Adelaide City Council comes a new Lord Mayor, Jane Lomax-Smith. As her first order of business, she plans to stick to her election pledge of “effective leadership”, declaring she has “no intention” of chairing meetings until 2am.

October 7, 2022

The obstinate will of Jane Lomax-Smith

“If anyone thinks anyone's going to tell me what to do if I'm Lord Mayor, then they've got another thing coming,” a fiery contender in the Adelaide City Council Lord Mayoral race tells CityMag.

April 14, 2022

Lucy Hood’s vision on strengthening the city

Meet the new representative for the seat of Adelaide in SA Parliament’s House of Assembly, who, in opposition, has campaigned to save a pair of city trees, an old pool and the city's pubs.

September 15, 2022

Full circle

Wiradjuri man Daniel Riley's path to becoming the first First Nations artistic director of Australian Dance Theatre began with a chance meeting with its founder as a teenager. With ADT's future in his hands, he plans to make work that "could only happen here".

February 21, 2019

How blockchain could help digitise the SA Museum’s collection

The SA Museum, in partnership with Civic Ledger, has been named as a finalist in the State Government’s Blockchain Innovation Challenge. To figure out how the technology works, we’ve revisited a conversation with Civic Ledger co-founder Katrina Donaghy from last year.