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January 28, 2016

Madame Hanoi celebrates a year with their own beer

Bia hơi Hanoi!

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  • PIctures and words: Joshua Fanning
  • Photo of Nic Watt – supplied

Those dastardly brewers at Pirate Life have conspired with Madame Hanoi chef Nic Watt to create a special Vietnamese Saison for the North Terrace Restaurant as it turns one today.


You can sample the Madame Hanoi X Pirate Life Saison at Madame Hanoi – North Terrace, Adelaide – from tonight until it runs out.

The brand collaboration comes on the back of some recent form for the Hindmarsh brewery, which this week claimed three of the top 11 spots in Australia’s Hottest 100 craft beers poll.

It’s perfect timing then that the young brewery and young restaurant collaborate on something new for the both of them. We re-visited the restaurant a year since opening, and caught up with Nic as he stepped off the plane from New Zealand for tonight’s celebrations.

CityMag. It’s been a year on North Terrace. Are you happy with how Adelaide has responded to your concept?

Nic Watt: The bistro has received an overwhelming response from South Australians. Within the first 12 months of operation we have hosted upwards of 100,000 guests, formed strong partnerships with local suppliers and established ourselves as a must-try culinary experience among Adelaide’s foodies. Our menu undergoes the most change. We have to be cognisant of local tastes and ingredients throughout the seasons. Therefore, I work closely with my team to identify and predict trends that will keep our  menu fresh, vibrant, and exciting.

CM. Where did the idea for a custom beer come from?

NW. We wanted to surprise our guests with something different, yet remain true to Madame Hanoi’s French-Vietnamese flavour palate. Our very own Vietnamese Saison gives us an exclusive product that showcases our support of local suppliers, and draws attention back to our extensive range of craft beers. Plus the idea of having our very own Saison is pretty cool.

CM. How did you meet the Pirate Life boys? What was your first impression of them and has that changed at all over time?

NW: Pirate Life are an exceptional team. We take care to build and establish relationships with local suppliers who can help us deliver our vision. From working with the massively talented Emma Hack to Pirate Life, we want to do business with partners who share our values and are able to execute their ideas. Pirate Life impressed us immensely with their passion for craft brewing, imagination and technical expertise. Our respect for Michael Cameron and his boys has grown alongside the development of this project.

CM. Is the Saison an especially good beer to pair with the Madame Hanoi menu?

NW. The menu was used as inspiration in the creative process but the end product lends itself to a sessionable stand-alone craft brew, which also complements much of the menu. It’s a full-bodied liquid with a nose of fresh mango and palate of pineapple citrus. Vietnamese Saison has a long lasting finish that leaves a slick of hops on the back of the tongue.



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