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September 12, 2017

Just one thing… at Fairweather

The best toast in town.

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  • Story: Shamonie Cockayne
  • Photo of exterior: Jessica Clark

It’s no secret that CityMag spends a fair bit of time and money at Fairweather.

Most Mondays, our editorial meetings take place on that big table under the front window. And at every meeting, we order coffee. Which is a no brainer, of course. But, it’s a bit of a treat when we order breakfast too.

Though our individual coffee orders do sometimes change (sometimes we just need tea, you know?), every one orders the same breakfast:


Fairweather can be found at 15 Solomon Street in the CBD. It’s open 7am to 4pm weekdays, and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Toast with jam.

Plain and simple, the toast at Fairweather is the best we’ve come across.

Some might say it’s a boring order, and we can understand that – smashed avo is the breakfast of dreams, and is by far a more fancy pick. But, until said toast and jam has been experienced, we recommend all judgement be withheld.

There are three key ingredients to this dish that make it what it is: Thick sourdough bread baked by The Village Baker, butter by Paris Creek, and strawberry and rhubarb jam home-made at the hands of Fairweather’s chef, Bri.

There is a vegemite option too, but we’re picking one thing here, and it’s the jam. Specifically, the strawberry kind.

Johnny von Einem, our senior journalist, noted food expert and frequent food model, once said that it’s “an unmissable textural experience.”

Our editor, Farrin Foster, has been known to describe the toast as “transcendent.”

The consensus within our team is undeniable: Fairweather’s toast is the best in the city.

It’s just that simple.

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