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April 15, 2022

How to pair wine with Incredible Burger’s Inc Burger

As manager of Yiasou George on East Terrace, Shaun Lau has the responsibility of programming a wine list to match the rambunctious fun of the restaurant's service. After a chaotic week in the restaurant, Shaun keeps his takeaway food order simple, but his wine pairing interesting.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Illustration: Emilly Daws

How did you first come upon the restaurant Burger Incredible?
Pretty much trial and error.

What caught your eye about their Inc Cheeseburger?
I like a simple burger, not too fancy, and this ticked all the boxes.

What are the unique benefits of this burger over other available cheeseburgers?
The patty, sauce and ratios all work.

Shaun Lau in requisite party shirt with requisite wine. This picture: Supplied



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Under what circumstances do you most need an order of Inc Cheeseburger?
Honestly, hangover food mostly. Or a lazy day off when you don’t want to cook. Definitely my cheat food. 

Always with a side of fries?

When considering a wine pairing with this dish, what flavours are most important to consider?
Junk food normally has a lot of salt and/or sugar, so acid is key. Something nice and dry, not too heavy. Could go both white and red.

Which South Australian wine pairs best with Burger Incredible’s Inc Cheeseburger?
The Other Right’s Shapeshifter Viognier. Alex Schulkin makes stunning natural wines and this is no exception. This has delicious floral and stone fruit characters, with a nice lick of acid.

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