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August 13, 2021

How to pair wine with salt and pepper eggplant

LOC Bottle Bar founder Olivia Moore knows the perfect wine to pair with a home-delivered serving of T-Chow's salt and pepper eggplant and shallot pancakes.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Illustration: Emilly Daws

London expat Olivia Moore is the owner and operator of LOC Bottle Bar, one of Adelaide’s favourite all-natural-wine bars.


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The bar started as an online bottle shop before expanding to bricks-and-mortar on Mukata Hindmarsh Square. 

There are few people as knowledgeable, friendly and up for wine chats as Olivia, and so she was only too happy to oblige with a pairing of South Australian wine and her most frequent delivery order: T Chow’s salt and pepper eggplant and shallot pancakes.


Olivia Moore. This image: Sharmonie Cockayne

Why is T Chow your go-to?
I think it was on an early days list of ‘Adelaide institutions’ (along with Cafe de Vili’s and the Exeter) that I was given when I first moved here.

What works about the salt and pepper eggplant and shallot pancake as a duo?
Salt, spice and lots of frying – the perfect comfort food, with a vegetable disguised inside!

Any accompaniments to this order?
Soy sauce and chilli oil. (I think this makes me basic?)

When do you most need a T Chow fix?
Either the first day off after working a big week at the bar (no ingredients/energy to create any own comfort food), or more often than not it will be the perfect cure the day after celebrating having a night off work.

How do you rate T Chow in the great expanse of S+P eggplant and shallot pancake options in Adelaide?
The never-ending debate! I change my mind on the front runner when I’m dining in for a S+P eggplant (Ying Chow would be my go-to), but for takeaway options T Chow is the winner!

What’s important to consider when pairing wine to these items?
Always acid/fat balance. When thinking about any pairing, these are my top consideration. The heat/spice element in the eggplant is also something to keep in mind, and definitely steers me towards a white wine.

What South Australian wine is best suited to T Chow’s S+P eggplant and shallot pancakes?
Manon High Paradise – a Chardonnay, Garganega, Savagnin blend.  This wine has a crazy acidity that balances the food out perfectly – cuts through the much needed (for my hangover) oiliness and has a beautiful texture and body which softly brings down the heat for me.

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