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September 28, 2023

Designer doughnuts roll into Brighton

Joshua and Chimere Rivers will open Landoughs next door to their Jetty Road shop CREAM in November and promise "all sorts of crazy things".

  • Words and pictures: Claudia Dichiera
  • Above from L-R: Joshua, Chimere and Lando Rivers

Joshua and Chimere Rivers claim to be one step ahead of upcoming crazes.


2/49 Jetty Road, Brighton 5048

Slated to open November 2023


“I’ve never been one to draw to a current trend or fad that everyone’s getting onboard,” Joshua says.

“If everyone’s wearing Panda Dunks, I’m not wearing Panda Dunks.”

They opened CREAM nearly nine years ago with a heavy focus on “pushing the boundaries of food”.

“Obviously the specialty café scene was way different back then,” Joshua says.

“When we first opened it, we were the first ones doing crazy doughnuts and the giant hotcakes and really shaking up that café scene.

“It’s always been my business model from the beginning. What’s the gap in the market? Let’s fill that.”

The duo has also filled market gaps with their other hospo ventures Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza, and Diamond Burger.

Family love

Landoughs, set to open in November, will be a specialty doughnut store with Los Angeles style doughnuts and Berliners located next door to their established CREAM.

“There will be like 15, 20 different flavours on the counter at any given time, fried fresh every single day,” Joshua says.

In terms of specific flavours, Joshua says “nothing’s out of the realm of possibility”.

“We’ll run monthly specials and always push the boundary with that and I don’t think we’ll have a doughnut menu that will stay permanent — it will constantly change,” he says.

“You can expect everything from maple bacon to Golden Gaytime to key lime pie, sticky date pudding — all sorts of crazy things as long as it works and as long as it comes out well [from] the testing, then we’ll sell it.”

“Obviously people love Biscoff and Nutella so we’re going to have the staples but we were looking into more unique ones and exciting ones as well,” says Chimere.

Lando beginning his barista career

As coffee is something that neighbour CREAM has already nailed, Joshua says Landoughs won’t compete. Instead, they have opted for an American style frappé-like drink alternative as “it’d be silly for [Landoughs] to go in with the same beverage options as next door”.

“We’re going to be coupling [the doughnuts] with kind of Starbuck-esque coffee,” Joshua says.

“So there’ll be creams and serums and tall jumbo stuff. That’d be like Frappuccino’s that you’d expect from those real American kind of coffee joints.”

With his trend-setting mindset, Joshua says he expects doughnuts will be the next big thing once the sando wave passes.

“I think if you want to look into the future of trends in Adelaide, you can look to Melbourne because we’re about five, 10 years behind Melbourne always,” Joshua says.

“They’ve finished their doughnut wave. We’re only entering ours now.”

As for location, the duo claim Brighton is best. So when they’re landlords offered them the next-door tenancy, it was “too much of a good opportunity to turn down”.

“The summer that we met, we spent the whole time down here so we’ve got good memories,” Chimere says.

“I love Brighton because…. everyone’s really friendly, you’ve got a cool community down here, and working at CREAM as well there’s all the regular customers that come in and they all live in this area so if you’re going for a walk at the end of your shift, you’re going to bump into people you know.”

“People get annoyed by how much I talk about Brighton, I’m like ‘It’s the best!’ I don’t think you can beat it,” Joshua says.

They named the shop Landoughs after their son, Lando.

“We’re very tight little family, we’re like it’d be cool to like dedicate a whole shop to our son,” Joshua says.

“Then we were like ‘fuck! What if we have more kids?’”

Landoughs is located at 2/49 Jetty Road, Brighton and is scheduled to open in November.

Connect with the business on Instagram to follow the production process.

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