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October 11, 2023

6 things to do in the Park Lands

You might know it as the city’s elite outdoor festival space, but the 760 hectares of the Adelaide Park Lands belong to you.

  • Main image: Andre Castellucci.
  • This article was produced in collaboration with City of Adelaide.

The National Heritage listed icon is the largest inner urban park system in the country and provides free sport, exercise, recreation and relaxation for Adelaideans of all ages, go or slow.

Public Barbecues

This image by Nicholas Grange.


See a full list of public BBQ’s here

Public barbecues stretch from Unley Road up to Fitzroy Terrace with more than 40 dotted throughout the Park Lands. Most of them are  electric and can be used free of charge. Bring your snags, tomato sauce and that metal scraper thing you use to clean up with. 

City Dirt Tracks

The volunteers of City Dirt Crew build and maintain tracks for BMX bike riders of all ages and abilities. Located in Kurangga Blue Gum Park, there are four tracks to choose from:


Check out all the BMX city dirt track locations 

  1. Pump
  2. Beginner
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced

The best time to ride is in the late afternoon and when the tracks aren’t muddy. Wear your helmet and follow the rules, kids.

Run Clubs

The Pakapakanthi parkrun runs – literally – every Saturday at 8am in Pakapakanthi Victoria Park. It’s free, you just have to register. It’s 5km and you can walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate. Also check out:


Where is your closest parkrun?

  1. Adelaide Running Crew
    Wednesday nights, Saturday mornings

  2. The Run Club
    Thursdays at 6am

  3. Parklands Loop Collective
    Daily at 9am

Dog Parks

There are more than 20 parks where you can unleash your furry friend, so both of you can run free.


Full list of doggo friendly lawns here

  1. Pardipardinyilla Denise Norton Park
    Fitzroy Terrace, North Adelaide 
  2.  Tuthangga Carriageway Park
    South Terrace, Adelaide

  3. Tulya Wardli Bonython Park
    Port Road, Adelaide

Disc Golf

This image by Andre Castellucci.


Disc what? Read the story

Ityamai-itpina King Rodney Park offers a nine-hole disc golf course where, basically, you toss frisbees into a basket with the aim to land them in as few throws as possible. You can even join league days and social events – all are welcome.

Himeji Gardens


Learn about all the Community, Native and Urban gardens of the CBD here

This peaceful pocket of Wita Wirra Peppermint Park is home to a piece of Japan, honouring Adelaide’s sister city Himeji. Accessible every day from 8am, chill out by the gentle lake – and all its adorable inhabitants, including goldfish, tortoises and ducklings – meditate in the Zen garden and listen to the birds among the bonsai.

You can also grow your own garden in Verge Garden (Whitmore Square), Secateurs Community Garden (Franklin Street)*, or North Adelaide Community Centre and Library Garden.

*Membership required


After a simple walk? There are plenty to go around. Check out the horses in Nantu Wama Lefevre Park, the lush Botanic Gardens, or native bush on the Bunyip Trail in Tulya Wardli Bonython Park here.

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