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June 6, 2024

Queens of Heart storm the stage

Local singer-songwriters Jen Lush, Jessica Luxx and Ella Ion gear up for a night of music at The Jade.

  • Words: Sophia Lattas
  • Graphic: Mikaela Balacco
  • Pictures: Danny Wallace

Next week, three South Australian singer-songwriters calling themselves Queens of Heart will take over city venue The Jade in a one-night-only collaboration concert.

The female-fronted lineup, handpicked by Sixteen Hands High, consists of familiar names Jen Lush, Jessica Luxx and Ella Ion.


Queens of Heart at The Jade
142-160 Flinders Street, Adelaide 5000
Thursday, June 13 from 7pm



The Queens will be in full band mode for a night of folk-pop-rock tunes.

Music, inevitably, brought the three together.

Jessica, who has been playing music “since forever”, says she slotted her sound together by pulling from ’70s folk singers, jazz and “broody moody” vocalists.

She first met Jen on Ramblin’ Moon Revue — a travelling music roadshow touring regional South Australia — where she says she totally fell in love with her as a person.

Soon after, Ella and Jessica played together at Ramblin’ Moon Revue winter edition.

“I’d already had her new album on repeat, so it was lovely to meet her in person,” Jessica says.

She says it’s an interesting time to be a woman in the music industry and emphasises the importance of female and non-male-fronted events like Queens of Heart.

“Having each other to lean into is great and events like this give us a platform to celebrate each other,” she says.

Although the concert is divided into three intervals to highlight the individual artists, The Queens hope to band together for a song.

“It’d be a really special moment to pull something together between the three of us,” Jessica says.


The Queens from L—R: Jessica Luxx, Jen Lush and Ella Ion


Ella grew up singing in the car “We’re the Millers style”. Although not as dorky as the film, she says her family is very musical.

Her music is inspired by a mixture of genres like jazz, world music, and ’60s and ’70s folk.

“It’s pretty much 90 per cent of what I listen to, even still today,” Ella says.

Ella is also wrapping up a four-year degree in Naturopathy, and learning to balance her two passions.

“I’m trying to figure out a way to live between those two worlds,” she says.

“I’ll figure it out and, no matter what, music will always be a really big piece of the pie.”

Set to open the show, Ella marvels at playing alongside “local legends” like Jen and Jessica.

Jen has grown up around music. Her dad, also a singer-songwriter, is an inspirational figure she looks to.

It wasn’t until her mid-20s that she started making music of her own. What started as electronica trip-hop has since evolved into folk sounds.

Alongside her career as a performer, Jen runs not-for-profit live music venue Stone Pony part-time as a volunteer for the love of it.

It’s a really hard time for venues to keep going and I know that costs are a big factor,” she says.

“I find that the most stressful part of running a music venue is not knowing whether anyone is gonna be there.”

Catch Queens of Heart at The Jade located at 142-160 Flinders Street, Adelaide at 7pm on Thursday, June 13.

Purchase tickets here.

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