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August 29, 2023

Adelaide’s best new music

We've rounded up Adelaide's best new music for August, including Coldwave, Gratts, Jen Lush, ming., Motez, Naomi Keyte and more.

  • Words: Claudia Dichiera & David Simmons
  • Graphic: Jayde Vandborg

Coldwave — ‘No Conflict’

This post punk sound has us head banging from the first second. The lyrics “As the dust settles / I just ask for no conflict,” are chanted from Coldwave in the middle the song in a subtle and somewhat relaxed way. As the song progresses, those lyrics get rapidly angrier, as the band screams them in the final chorus of the song, emphasising the words “no conflict” with a pause between. The bass moves in a similar way as the lyrics. Luckily for Adelaide fans of Coldwave, the band will be playing at the Crown & Anchor on 15 September, on their No Conflict Tour. (CD)


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If you’re a South Australian band or musician with a new release, let us know about it.

ephemerons — ‘Breather’

The slow beat and monotone voice by ephemerons is everything CityMag wants in a soft techno track. ‘Breather’ is off ephemerons’ latest EP titled Incursions, which is a 10-part culmination of techno goodness. ‘Breather’ has classic pianos with an electronic sound harmonising with the soft beat playing throughout the song. The lyrics that beam “Shadows that surround leading you astray” attribute to the dark sounds of the powerful background noise. (CD)

Gratts — ‘Jour De Fête’

The inner-city disco style of music is on brand for Gratts. ‘Jour De Fête’ has soft sounds of bass and beats smoothly playing along in the background, giving us an easy type of club mix. Jour De Fête translates to ‘day of celebration’, which stays in the ears in a monotone, but tasteful style repeatedly. The moody saxophone adds a groovy touch to the track. The Belgian-born DJ, who moved to Adelaide early 2022, has made a home along the beachside and continues to spin tracks all around SA. (CD)

Hello Enemy — ‘Drone’

Adelaide five-piece Hello Enemy’s latest effort is a counter-cultural anthem for office bodies braving the rat race. Sitting somewhere between some of Muse’s grungier tunes and nu-metal’s best and fairest, ‘DRONE’ is a call to arms. The line “We’re rising up to take back what’s ours” will definitely be soundtracking early-morning coffee runs for the CM team. (DS)

Jannah Fahiz — ‘Brokenhearted’

‘Brokenhearted’ by Jannah Fahiz is a pop ballad about having a broken heart after a relationship, and the courage it takes to build yourself up again to move on: “Every one of us is scarred / Don’t let it break your heart / People come and people go / But always love yourself”. The dark yet neon coloured aesthetic takes CityMag back to the days that Euphoria was first released and bombarded our feeds. It reminds us of Maddy Perez dancing, smoking, partying and all the other iconic things her character indulges herself in, and we are here for it. (CD)

Jen Lush — ‘Small Birds Flown’

‘Small Birds Flown’ is the opening track of Jen Lush’s third album Hum of the mettle. The beginning of the song starts with a soft guitar and calming acoustics, creating a soothing listening experience. Not long after, the voice of Jen calmly beams through with the lyrics “Household sins peel away… curiosity dies walking through the door.” The intense lyrics but spacious emotive sounds of ‘Small Birds Flown’ pave the way for what’s to expect throughout the rest of the folk and expansive story telling album. (CD)

LENI — ‘100Mph’

In August 2023, there is even more talent from Adelaide hip hop wrapper LENI who is in the middle of a creative burst. With a new EP set to be released in early September titled GREENLIGHTS, CityMag is here for his eruption of musical talent and cannot wait for what is next in store for LENI. LENI says his new track ‘100Mph’ is about “slowing down and being in that chilled state you get into sometimes while driving and you find yourself lost deep in your thoughts like a daydream,” and CityMag just gets it. (CD)

ming. — ‘Optic’

Producer ming. is back with a delicious track. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, the short but sweet beat drips with individual style. This track has been on repeat during my afternoon walks around the CBD, and hits best right as the pre-Spring sun sets. ming. is definitely one Adelaide artist to watch – now we just need someone with the bars to match his beats to hop on the next release. (DS)

Motez — ‘Make Way’ feat. Elsy Wameyo

Thumping bass meets robotic vocals in Motez’ latest dirty, filthy, clubby banger. It really sounds like the Adelaide producer is having the time of his life with ‘Make Way’, which includes vocal contributions from local star Elsy Wameyo. The video – directed by artist Dave Court – is as thrilling as the song itself, with digital avatars of Motez and Elsy towering over a post-apocalyptic vision. We are so here for end-of-the-world floor fillers. (DS)

Naomi Keyte — ‘hard to make plans’

Naomi Keyte mentions the singer Phoebe Bridges in the first 20 seconds of her new song ‘hard to make plans’. It really is no coincidence that she sounds much like the folk singer-song writer, except with an authentic Australian accent. According to Naomi, ‘hard to make plans’ is a song about questioning life’s decisions and publicly shares her worries and struggles through the raw and vivid song. Soft, intimate and sensitive, ‘hard to make plans’ is a folk lovers ideal track. (CD)

Nathan May — ‘Home’

The soft country sounds of ‘Home’ by Nathan May is the acoustic addition we all need to our ‘Chill’ playlist. The song paints a vivid story of Nathan’s hometown Darwin. With colourful and clear lyrics like “Watch the raindrops on the dirt / little circles come and kiss the earth… well you know I love the rain / the feeling back home again,” it’s hard not to feel reminiscent of a place to call home and simply crave that comfortable feeling in every corner of our lives. (CD)

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