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July 18, 2019

Play / Pause / Play’s Top 10 Adelaide Releases of 2019 (so far)

Founder of play / pause / play, Luke Penman offers up his favourite Adelaide tracks from the year so far.

  • Words: Luke Penman
  • Main image: Alana Jagt, supplied

South Australia is full of world-class musicians in every genre.

Last year, I started play / pause / play – an internet radio station dedicated to South Australia’s live music scene – to showcase and celebrate the amazing music being made here.


Play / Pause / Play is hosting its 2019 radiothon and needs your help to stay on the air.

Contribute to play / pause / play’s future via its Pozible campaign.

In the past 12 months, play / pause / play has broadcast music from more than 250 South Australian artists.

No, that’s not a typo: two-hundred-and-fifty.

If that number is a surprise to you, check out these selected 2019 favourites below.


Alana Jagt

Imagining Life

Alana’s music has a beautiful timelessness to it. This one has a slow build, but the payoff is brilliant.

(And you can catch her at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit this weekend.)


The Public Holiday

Gecko On My Window

This brilliant piece of lo-fi “dadwave” might take a couple of listens, but once it starts growing on you, it won’t stop. I’ve had the chorus in my head for months and am still loving every second.


Sleep Talk

Everything In Colour

Hard and heavy from the first beat, the debut single from Sleep Talk’s debut album will keep you guessing. Just when you think you know where it’s going, it changes direction and continues to impress.


The Secret Chord

Never Let Me Go

An Adelaide husband-and-wife duo making downtempo electronic beats. I could listen to this one on repeat all day.


Adrian Eagle


An uplifting hip hop tune that’ll never fail to brighten your day. You can hear Adrian Eagle’s smile as he spreads his positivity.



Let’s Forget We Were In Love

A huge pop number from Stellie, with the unmistakable production quality of Mario Spate [aka Badcop].



Star Song / Mamma’s Boy

Every now and then, Hydromedusa appear as if from nowhere, release an amazing album, play a bunch of amazing shows and then disappear back into the wilderness. They have an authentic psych-rock n roll vibe, and I’ll crank up the volume on these tunes every time.


Neon Tetra

Used To Be

The opening synth says ’80s and the guitar riff says… well, ’80s, too. Neon Tetra continue to evolve their sound, having already moved through prog rock and Motown vibes. It’s funky, bright and irresistible.


Jess Day

Rabbit Hole

Jess Day has continually impressed with exceptionally mature songcraft for a young artist. Her latest single is no different, continuing to raise and then smash everyone’s expectations.


Electric Fields

2000 And Whatever

Look, hopefully you already know this one, but the Eurovision heats were a while ago and we should take a minute to remember the beauty of this dance banger featuring Zaachariaha’s amazing vocals, singing in both English and Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara language.


Support play / pause / play – the only radio station dedicated to South Australia’s live music scene – by contributing to its radiothon Pozible campaign.

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