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September 9, 2021

Weft’s new line celebrates the silhouettes and strength of women

New multi-coloured collection for uber-slow fashion label Weft is influenced by label-head Samia Fisher’s fervent friendships, with the sustainably made garments aiming to compliment the wearer, just like any good mate would.

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  • Words: Angela Skujins
  • Pictures: Jonathan van der Knaap

Since its 2016 inception, Samia Fisher says the journey of her sustainable fashion label, Weft Textiles, has, in part, mirrored her own. “Everything that I try and apply to myself and my values and my beliefs, there’s elements of that in the brand at the time,” she tells CityMag.  


Weft Textiles
‘When Everyone Forms Together’ — out now


This is especially relevant in Weft’s most recent collection, titled anagrammatically When Everyone Forms Together, which aims to highlight the power of platonic, feminine relationships, as told through intimate garments spanning briefs, bike shorts and bras.

“It’s hard to do that in a non-cliché way,” Samia says, “but friendship is relevant in the collection by me taking risks with shapes and working with my friends in the creative process.

“The thing is that I noticed in my late 20s, and up until now, my female friendships, in particular, have been really strong and have helped create foundations for how I view myself as a female.

“I really want the clothes to make you feel supported, and you feel comfortable and confident in them.”

Samia got serious with the latest collection during last year’s COVID-19 lockdown, where she had time to ruminate about the direction of the label and workshop ideas about the new collection with her housemate.

The fashion designer – and interior designer by trade – also had an urge to go outside her comfort zone, beyond monochromatic colours and cuts, and built on the brand’s core repertoire of linens and bedding.

During such turbulent times, she also wanted to inspire self-assurance in those wearing her clothes. “But this line is not just for one body type or type of person – I want it to be for everyone,” Samia says.

“It’s been slightly difficult refining the items to different body types, as I’m shorter and I do everything on myself, whereas others are taller. It is a slow process. But I’m getting there.”


Samia used a mix of materials for the collection, such as a cotton jersey blend, comprising of 95 per cent organic cotton and five per cent recycled spandex, as well as a towelled material that’s 60 per cent hemp and 40 per cent organic cotton.

Much like Samia has already discussed with this publication in the past, Weft maintains a commitment to slow and ethical fashion practices. To this day every particle of clothing is made to order, Samia says, with sustainability built-in as the “default” mode of operation for the brand.

“But I would like to spend this year researching and developing fabrics that are perhaps made from other materials, such as seaweed, or something that’s maybe a little bit more interesting than just organic cotton,” she says.

“I’m always looking for that point of difference.”

Unlike conventional labels, Weft doesn’t release two collections a year. This allows Samia time to sustain her adjacent interior design career, and work on her own professional development.

This recently included completing a mentorship with her manufacturers, and “hanging out with a bunch of old ladies a couple of times a week” to learn about sewing and production. It seems for Samia, friendships can be forged and found in a multitude of settings.

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