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November 8, 2019

Shop Ace & Jig at Heyday Store

Heyday Store is hosting a pop-up sample sale for US slow-fashion brand Ace & Jig from 16-17 November.

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  • Words: Jess Bassano
  • Pictures: Supplied

Heyday Store owner-operator Karah Hogarth has kept a keen eye on US slow fashion brand Ace & Jig since opening her small-maker-focussed retail store on King William Road.


Heyday Store
154 King William Road, Hyde Park
10am-5pm, 16 November
11am-4pm, 17 November
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She says in that time she has watched the clothing brand develop a cult following for its focus on minimal waste and ethical manufacturing – particularly in the South Australian capital.

“Adelaide actually has a really strong streak of Ace & Jig fans. I feel like it goes with Adelaide’s love of handmade and slow living,” Karah says.

“Each textile is handwoven on antique, wooden looms … they might spend up to a year perfecting a textile and then that goes into production.

“It’s very arts and crafts, it’s very soft. It’s not high fashion, it’s not glam fashion. For me, they’re real clothes that you wear because you’re passionate about the textile, the print, the colour.”

Heyday Store usually stocks new-release Ace & Jig, but for two days in November the store will also host a heavily discounted sample sale with up to 150 pieces from previous collections.

The Indian woven designs fit a variety of body shapes, with sizes ranging from xxs to 2xl.


“It’s a great opportunity for anybody who’s seen Ace & Jig in their [Instagram] feed and never had the chance to see the textiles in the flesh. Even if you don’t end up purchasing anything, it’s a great way to see why people go as crazy for Ace & Jig as they do,” Karah says.

“I find when people see the textiles in the flesh for the first time, that’s when a little light goes on and they might actually become lifelong fans themselves.

“It’s one thing to see images online, it’s another thing to actually hold the fabrics, because they’re really incredibly made.”

After the weekend, the stock will be returned to Ace & Jig for the next sample sale somewhere around the globe.

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