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July 24, 2020

ACE Open announces 2020 South Australian Artist Survey

ACE Open’s ambitious 2020 South Australian Artist Survey will be a snapshot of SA’s contemporary art scene in one of the most challenging moments in the industry’s history.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Thomas McCammon & Sam Roberts
  • Main image: Aida Azin (TM)
  • Image 2: Sundari Caromdy (SR)
  • Image 3: Emmaline Zanelli (SR)
  • Image 4: Matt Huppatz (SR)
  • Image 5: Carly Dodd (SR)
  • Image 6: Yusuf Hayat (SR)

Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, all has been quiet at ACE Open’s CBD headquarters.

While the venue has lain dormant, the organisation’s artistic director, Patrice Sharkey, and curator-in-residence, Rayleen Forester, have been finishing up a year-long project – and one of ACE’s most ambitious exhibitions yet.


If the future is to be worth anything: 2020 South Australian Artist Survey
12 September—12 December 2020
ACE Open
Lion Arts Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide 5000
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If the future is to be worth anything is ACE Open’s 2020 South Australian Artist Survey, running from 12 September to 12 December. The exhibition aims to capture a snapshot of our state’s contemporary art scene, bringing together eight artists, fine print magazine, and arts organisation Tutti Arts.

Intended as a “declaration of support for and investment in our artistic communities, who are thinking and creating at an international standard,” the cohort of artists and arts groups represents “a diverse group of artists that embody a cross section of contemporary art production as opposed to a specific theme,” a statement from ACE Open says.

“What brings together the artists featured in this exhibition is an engagement with a world beyond art, directed towards thoughtful and productive experimentation, the re-envisioning of self and structures, and political and aesthetic strategies for survival,” Patrice says.

The participating artists and organisations are Aida Azin, Carly Dodd, Emmaline Zanelli, fine print, Kate Bohunnis, Matt Huppatz, Sandra Saunders, Sundari Carmody, Tutti Arts and Yusuf Hayat.

Kate Bohunnis. This image: Sam Roberts


“Being invited to participate in the 2020 South Australian Artist Survey exhibition has awarded me the confidence to explore an unrealised project that otherwise would not have been possible,” says artist Kate Bohunnis, who works across metal, mold-making, textiles, print and sound.

“With ACE Open’s support, I am able to dedicate the time and the materials integral to creating a new work of this scale and ambition.”

Co-editor of fine print, Joanna Kitto, says her publication’s inclusion demonstrates “the importance that arts writing holds to the vitality of its creation.”

“ACE Open have created a space for fine print to continue our work beyond the digital, affording us a platform to explore the nature and principles of presentations, the architecture of space and people, and creating kinship between art and audience,” she says.

Co-directors of fine print Joanna Kitto, Gillian Brown and Rayleen Forester. This image: Morgan Sette


If the future is to be worth anything comes as a result of ACE Open’s 2019 fundraising campaign, which saw the organisation raise $80,000, and is also supported by Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 initiative, Candy Bennett and Edwina Lehmann, and ACE Open’s Visionaries.

The works of the artists in the exhibition will be complemented by a public program that includes artist talks, workshops, a closing party, and a bespoke catalogue with essays by leading curatorial voices across Australia, designed by local publishing house Have You Seen Him.

If the future is to be worth anything: 2020 South Australian Artist Survey officially opens on 12 September 2020 and runs until 12 December 2020.

For updates on the exhibition, see the event page and stay tuned to ACE Open’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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