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March 22, 2016

78º Gin wins gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Adelaide Hills Distillery just keeps kicking goals.

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  • Words: Joshua Fanning
  • Photos: Julian Cebo

It’s not unusual for the CityMag phone to buzz on our desk with Sacha La Forgia’s name popping up on the locked screen. But though it may be commonplace, it’s always exciting because with each buzz comes news of Adelaide Hills Distillery’s latest achievement. 


Sacha has come a long way since we first caught up with him on Onkaparinga Valley Road back in January 2015 and excitement builds as he and his partners at Mismatch and Adelaide Hills Cider Company nut out the finer details on their joint venture—a brewery and distillery— in the Adelaide Hills.

And today is no different.

“I’m stoked!!” the message starts.

“78º just won gold in San Francisco International(sic) Spirits Competition! The Italian got silver and Gunnery took a bronze! Whoop whoop!”

Adelaide Hills Distillery's "The Italian" aperitif and "The Gunnery" spiced rum.

Adelaide Hills Distillery’s “The Italian” aperitif and “The Gunnery” spiced rum.

International acclaim is not new to Adelaide Hills Distillery as the last time we got a text from Sacha it was with news of 78º’s Silver Medal at Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition.

When we asked Sacha if the judges had given reasons for their decision, or if this was a natural progression after the gin won silver in Hong Kong, he was quick to assure us that all competitions are judged individually and other awards aren’t supposed to have an impact.

“I think the gold was awarded because it’s a well balanced, characterful and quality gin!” says Sacha.

And if there’s one thing this publication won’t do, it’s argue with Hong Kong, San Francisco and Adelaide’s Sacha La Forgia.

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