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January 22, 2016
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Zine Swap #3 – Fly Like Paper

  • Words: Alicia Franceschini
  • Picture: Zine by Toby Nevill

Zine Swap’s third installment, Fly Like Paper, has rolled around just in the nick of time for us all to get our much-needed dose of local and self-published goodness.


Zine Swap #3 will be held at Ancient World – 116a Hindley Street, Adelaide – two nights on Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th of January from 6pm.

Zine Swap #3 will be held over two nights at Ancient World on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of January.  The event includes the works of 36 contributing zinesters, as well as live performances from selected local talent and DJ sets from the likes of Oisima and Dialect.

The idea of holding a Zine Swap arose when event organiser and force of nature in the Adelaide art world, Haneen Martin, was looking to showcase a wide range of artists to a keen audience, away from the sometimes restrictive world of fine art.

“Zine Swap hosts a group of carefully selected creatives who have been invited to sell past zines, or make new zines for the event,” says Haneen.

“I am proud to say that all three swaps have had an excellent mix of visual artists and people who had never heard of or made a zine before in their lives. This time we’ve got photographers, actors, sculptors, directors, playwrights, waiters, illustrators, graphic designers, bartenders, printmakers, law students, makers, magazine founder/editors, baristas, writers, accountants, architects and general mischief makers.”

Not to worry if you’re still not entirely sure what a zine actually is at this point either. In short, zines are wonderful little collections of writings and artworks that are self-published by the author. And yes, the word zine is short for magazine because zines are simply smaller.

“Zines are very personal, absurd objects. Making a zine is as quick or labour intensive as you like,” says Haneen.

“The process is akin to ripping out the tackiest parts of your diary, making copies of them all, then distributing it to friends and strangers. In short, self-publishing is awesome and zines allow that freedom”.

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