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December 5, 2015
What's On

Peta Alannah Solo Exhibition at The Mill

  • Words: Alicia Franceschini
  • Image: Work by Peta Alannah

Summer in the city can oftentimes be a sweaty and stressful endeavour, especially at Christmas time. What better way to relax and wile away the long, hot summer days than by looking at some amazing local art.


Peta Alannah’s Solo Exhibition is open from now through to January 1st. The Mill is located at 154 Angas Street, Adelaide. The gallery is open weekdays and most Saturdays.

Self described ‘sometimes’ artist and Naomi Murrell creative director Peta Alannah is holding her first solo exhibition at The Mill’s gallery. The exhibition includes some of Peta’s most recent hard and soft line works of lounging beauties. Sometimes stern faced and strong, sometimes soft and ethereal, Peta’s work will have you wishing she was more of an ‘always’ artist.



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