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September 4, 2019
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This year marks the 10th anniversary of Adhocracy, the immersive art festival run by Vitalstatistix.

Adhocracy gathers together some of the most exciting makers of contemporary art to share a space over four days, creating and collaborating in open studios, where members of the public are encouraged to join in the experimentation and exploration.


6-8 September
Waterside and Hart’s Mill, Port Adelaide 5015
Full program

“For audiences Adhocracy is an introduction to artists and shows that will go on to be seen in theatres, galleries, festivals, site-specific locations and other contexts around Australia,” says director of Vitalstatistix, Emma Webb.

Adhocracy 2019 will explore themes of listening as a political act, dialogue, communing and ritual, and projects include CREATION: Sustenance by Deborah Kelly (SYD); and Polytoxic’s (QLD) In the Dark; as well as works by SA artists GIRL and Motus Collective.

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