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November 4, 2015
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Vegan Festival 2015

With every passing year, the vegan lifestyle filters further into everyday culinary life. It’s no surprise then that Vegan Festival 2015 is proving to be bigger than ever.

  • Words: Krisha Barton

The first Vegan Festival was celebrated at the Brighton Primary school in 2008, with 1500 patrons attending the event.


Vegan Festival will be held at Victoria Square on 7 November from 10am – 8pm

The movement has expanded year by year, with a larger following of people becoming aware of, or at least curious about, the alternative way of living.

This year the festival will be held at Victoria Square with an expected crowd of over 8000 animal product-eschewing revellers.

Hosted by comedian and felt-based organism, Randy (sans Sammy J), the event is boasting a roster of guest speakers, including Matt Bate and Tegan Steele (authors of 365 Days of Wholeness), Simone Collins (vegan bodybuilder), James Aspey (recipient of the 2014 Vegan Innovator of the Year award), as well as musicians Local Revolution, The Lighthouses, Loren Kate, Kelly Menhennett, Conchillia, and Pulse.

Food, beverage and goods stalls on the day are local businesses Plant Based Foods, Raw Life!, Eat Me Raw, Earths Kitchen, Give Peas A Chance, Red Lime Shack, Small Delight, Oh Deer Sugar, The Pin Up Lounge, Modern Henna and many more.

Cover charge is a meagre $5, helping the volunteers running the event provide festivalgoers with everyone with entertainment, food stalls and longer opening hours.

Vegan Festival is, of course, open to those living the plant-based lifestyle, but it’s also a great way for those less familiar to learn more about the incredible food and culture our vegan friends are capable of.

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