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September 20, 2018
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TWO WAYS \ A Dualistic System

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  • Words: Farrin Foster

Artists Inkatja and Dave Laslett throw the unknowable nature of another’s perception into stark relief in their new exhibition, TWO WAYS \ A Dualistic System.


TWO WAYS \ A Dualistic System opens to the public 11am-1pm at Red Poles Gallery in McLaren Vale on Sunday, September 23.

It is part of the Shimmer Photographic Biennale.

Drawing equally upon their differences and their commonalities, the artists both present visions of South Australia’s far north. This is their home ground – Dave and Inkatja were born ten years apart in the same region. Their differing interpretations of the area are heavily influenced by the ways they’ve learnt to think about it – Inkatja through her Wangkangurru and Adnyamathanha cultural knowledge, and Dave through his Anglo-Australian and Spanish background.

While the contrasts between Dave and Inkatja’s perceptions are evident in the exhibition, a deep process of sharing also brings something else to light. Through what the artists call “collaboration and co-existence” they have been able to explore their relationships to the land and to each other, and to find the sinuous parallels that run through it all.

“The journey of creating this body of work has brought new connections and knowledge systems to light, with dualities of family, community and country explored in an exhibition that is as much about sameness as it is about difference,” say Dave and Inkatja.

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