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February 4, 2016
What's On

Tomato Battle

  • Words: Elaine Cheng

When you think about all the people who can’t afford enough food for their families, an epic food fight may seem like a wasteful course of action . Thankfully, The Tomato Battle has taken all of this into consideration.


Tomato Battle is on Saturday, February 27 at The Adelaide Showground. Gates open at 1PM, the battle starts at 4PM. Don’t forget to grab a ticket on their website!

Inspired by Spain’s La Tomatina Festival, The Tomato Battle brings together thousands of people each year and entrust them with 300,000 tomatoes, all for your flinging pleasures. The tomatoes are supplied by the Kapiris Bros, who ensure that only the over ripe and inedible red gems are picked and sent to The Tomato Battle. What is left of them after the event is returned to the fields as fertiliser for next year’s crop.

feedONE will be joining the battle to fight hunger. For every $10 you’ll be spending toward Tomato Battle, a child will be fed for a month by feedONE. A minimum of 100 children will be fed for a month by each Tomato Battle.

So get down to The Adelaide Showground on Saturday February 27th. The event starts at 1PM. There will be shows, there will be food, and there will be tomatoes. What better way to de-stress and let go of all your anger than by spending the weekend ditching fruit at people’s faces?

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