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November 19, 2015
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Three years – a forking good time

Fork on the road takes over Light Square this Friday evening with your favourite food trucks and 14 of your favourite craft beer brands.

In the wake of the recent Adelaide City Council brouhaha surrounding food truck licenses, (the roll back on total trucks allowed to trade in 5000 and increased fees for food-on-wheels to operate), Fork on the Road rolls into Light Square with a big statement event.


Crafty Beer Fork
Friday 20th November
5pm – 10pm
Light Square

Burger Theory
Chimichurri Grill
Sneaky Pickle
The Little Cake Tin
Los Pinchos Locos
Taste of Spain
Phat Buddha Rolls
Squid Inc
The Satay Hut
Cheesy Street
The Rolling Pizza Oven
Moorish Bites
loca pops
Juice Quest
Bodri’s Bakery & Cafe
Coffee & Crepes
Honey Puff Ladies
ChurrOZ Adelaide
La Cantina Co.
Papas Hotdogs
Gourmet Grillerz
Daisy Burger (new)

26 trucks. 14 breweries. All representing a democratic version of food-flinging anarchy in the middle of the west end atop Colonel Light’s mausoleum no less.

That’s right, the architect of our city will be there literally supporting it all.

Shooting off a quick text to Fork On The Road founder Joe Noone to see if we could catch up to talk more about this Friday’s event we were surprised to see him bound through our doors at Clubhouse Lane just moments later.

“I don’t think there’s anything political about this event,” says Joe.

“We’re just focused on putting on a good event and with craft beer being a focus for this Friday – what more can you ask for?”

Beer and food – we can’t think of anything else.

The event also neatly coincides with the third anniversary of Fork On The Road.

“We’ve put on more than 25 events and seen about 100,000 people come through,” says Joe.

For Joe, the discussion around food trucks is getting repetitive. The organisers of the nation’s ONLY food truck meet up event says that the idea of food on wheels isn’t enough any more.

“Sure, in those early days people were taken by the novelty,” he says. “But the idea isn’t shiny and new any more, so it’s really fallen to the community to find new and unique ways to present what’s at the core of our business – which is really good food.”

Really good food and, for the first time, really good beer.

Thanks Joe.


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