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March 24, 2016
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The First Thing the Sign Will Say


The sign and its first ever emblazonment will be unveiled at 6.30pm tonight (March 24) at Format – 80 Hindley Street, Adelaide. A party will follow.

Those zany guys over at Format artists’ collective are at it again with their signs, which is becoming a bit of a thing for them after they proudly put some backward letters on their original street sign soon after opening on Hindley Street.

This time, though, they’ve shown an alarming lack of commitment by installing a sign that can be changed as often as they like because it has moveable type.

This evening will be the unveiling of ‘The First Thing the Sign Will Ever Say’. Ideas for the sign’s initial announcement have been crowdsourced via Facebook, but our favourite is one highlighted by the Format-penned press release. The suggestion reads Josh Fanning is the Mayor of my heart. There’s nothing like a little flattery of our publisher to get you a bit of goodwill at CityMag. 

Engineered by artist Eleanor Amor the sign is sure to cause consternation and bewilderment in equal measure, as all good art should. Head along to Format to toast its unveiling tonight.

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