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December 3, 2015
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That Dapper Market

  • Words: Katharine Ahern

When you look up dapper in the dictionary (app on your iPhone, this is the future after all) you’ll probably find something that says “neat and trim in dress, appearance or bearing”.


That Dapper Market runs on Saturday December 12 from 3pm – 8pm and Sunday December 13 from 11am – 5pm.

It is presented by Littlest Vintage, and is held at the Life More Interesting Warehouse on the corner of Park Tce and Fifth Street, Bowden.

Dapper is that guy who always seems to wear an op-shopped corduroy suit to the club when everyone around him is content in Cotton On tees. Dapper is that girl in your Uni tutorial who always manages to rock red lipstick and some complicated braided updo, even before midday.

While it might seem excessive to some, to others, this kind of care is a mark of style. And what happens when lots of similarly stylish people gather together to buy and sell things, and potentially compare mustaches? That Dapper Market, of course.

Running over a Saturday and Sunday in December, this vintage and design event boasts over 70 handpicked stalls. And because no market would be quite complete without them, there are also food vendors, a bar and live music to be sampled too.

Be warned though, after immersing yourself in this environment you might find it suddenly pains you to do normal things, like not wash your hair for two weeks or leave the house in trackies. Just remember it was Oscar Wilde who said you can never be overdressed, and the dude definitely knew a thing or two.




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