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October 9, 2014
What's On

The Suit

  • Words: Johnny von Einem

The struggles that were born of South Africa’s nearly 50-year era of apartheid have provided a great source of inspiration in popular culture, even now 20 years after the laws were overturned.


The Suit runs from October 01 – 12 and is playing at the Dunstan Playhouse

One such piece is renowned English director Peter Brook’s The Suit, which has just had its Australian premiere at the Dunstan Playhouse, and will continue until 12 October, thanks to Adelaide’s State Theatre Company.

Based on Can Themba’s 1994 novel, The Suit tells the story of a young man, Philemon, who returns home from work to find his wife, Matilda, in bed with another man. The stranger escapes, but his suit is left behind, and in an act of revenge Philemon asks his wife to treat the suit as if it were a guest in their home, keeping Matilda’s betrayal front-and-centre in their life.

This is the first time Brook has brought a production to Adelaide since The Mahabharata 25 years ago, and if reports in the CityMag office are to be believed, it is a show not to be missed.

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