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January 8, 2015
What's On

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

  • Words: Johnny Von Einem
  • Picture: Ben McPherson

The always on-trend Laneway Festival is back for a second year in its new home at Port Adelaide’s Hart’s Mill.


Laneway will take place on February 6, 2015  at Hart’s Mill in Port Adelaide.

With promises of more grass, more shade, more great food, and the implied Laneway guarantee of a lineup you’ll be talking about up until the next year is announced, there are very few reasons you could give for not taking a day trip to Port Adelaide in February. Renewal SA has been working on the space and Hart’s Mill itself will be accessible as a food court this time around. In addition to the changes of the landscape, the Vitalstatistix space curated by Format last year will be taken over by a new group, so there’ll be new and exciting experiences all round.

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