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March 15, 2017
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Splash Adelaide Winter Applications

  • Feature image: Vans the Omega mural supplied by Splash Adelaide

Sometimes unexplainably cool things happen around the city. Most times those things happen because Splash Adelaide made them happen.

It often goes a bit like this:

  1. Random person has random but fun and brilliant idea for an event, project or thing.
  2. Person chats to friends about said idea over a beer at The Exeter.
  3. Friend suggests that idea could be actualised by Splash Adelaide.
  4. Person thinks about it for a few days.
  5. Person jumps on the Splash Adelaide website, has a browse of past events and activities facilitated by Splash.
  6. Person applies to have said brilliant idea come to life.
  7. Splash team gets very excited by brilliant idea.
  8. Splash approves.
  9. Brilliant idea comes to life.
  10. Adelaideans love idea and engage in it and everyone has a good time.

We had a bit of a chat around the office one morning, and we asked ourselves “what Splash event have we most enjoyed?”


Winter applications are open now and close on March 26.

The CityMag consensus is:

  1. Boucle de Burbs – a gentle, scenic ride through the city with incentives like coffee and cake.
  2. Art After Dark – because we like art and wine, and a lack of daylight.
  3. Lost City – an oasis of contemporary music and art in the CBD.
  4. Trades Hall Lane Ball – because why not?
  5. Fashion Concept – an idea that brought together 14 of Adelaide’s emerging independent fashion designers.

People with brilliant ideas, click here.

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