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May 1, 2023
What's On

Shore Break

4—13 May 2023

  • This article was produced in collaboration with Brink Productions.

Shore Break is a raw, compelling, intimate portrait of a lost soul living in self-imposed isolation, having turned his back on society.

Where desert meets the sea, he begins to unravel the events of his life. He looks back on confusion, heartbreak, and disconnection as he relives experiences; compelled to finally make sense of it all before it becomes too late.


Shore Break
4—13 May
Goodwood Theatre – The Stage
Goodwood Institute
166A Goodwood Road, Goodwood 5034
Tickets and more info

Does he have enough left in him to get back to community, or has he caused too much damage to himself and others? If he makes it all the way, will there be enough forgiveness to let him in?

Shore break is uncluttered, empty space, powerful storytelling, that will resonate with anyone who has found themselves disconnected from the world, retreated from life or tried to find meaning to their existence.

Show duration is 90m mins and suitable for ages 15 and up.

Buy your tickets here.

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