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January 18, 2024
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See your future in MOD’s BROKEN

Until 22 November 2024

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We’re strong believers in regularly popping one’s head over the wall of existential dread to visualise a better future. Because agency is your friend, friends!


University of South Australia
North Terrace, next to Morphett Street Bridge
Adelaide SA 5000
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Where better to do it than at Australia’s leading future-focused museum, MOD?

Their new interactive exhibition BROKEN encourages visitors to explore the widespread feeling that the world is broken and nothing will change, and to begin to imagine new ways of being.

You’ll be given a nifty token to scan along the journey, while you pick up some future-thinking skills. At the end, your personalised story about how you see the world will be revealed.

We’re thinking it’s likely to be more hopeful.

Entry is free.

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