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August 20, 2015
What's On

The School

Sydney’s The School makes a brief sojourn to our city this weekend – bringing with it stylist extraordinaire Megan Morton and a team of other experts to help you get your styling, small business and Instagram skills up to par.


Book a seat at The School here.

Here on August 21, 22 and 23, The School Adelaide will be operating out of three main locations, B Goods Studio, The Jam Factory and The Props Dept. for their five  classes. On the program is Robyn Holt’s Small Business Makeover and Alumni Small Business Makeover; Megan Morton’s Science of Styling and Styling Inspiration and Stephanie Somebody’s Instagram Debunked.

The School are also hosting a Treasure hunt over the duration of the weekend featuring prizes from local South Australian providores ‘Council of Objects’, Jam Factory and Atkins Pictures, plus more. Follow them on Instagram to take part.

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