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January 19, 2016
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Santos Tour Down Under 2016

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The Santos Tour Down Under is happening from January 16 to January 24 all about the place.

The Santos Tour Down Under has returned, in all of its lycra-clad glory, for a 15th year. And even if you don’t go watch a stage (although you should do that), you won’t miss it. The road closures, the endless Facebook and Twitter updates, the sudden outbreak of tight, padded shorts and the influx of cyclists on your way to work are all telltale signs.

It kicked off on January 16th, with an opening ceremony in Victoria Square, and running all the way until January 24th, The Tour Down Under will be taking you through new routes and climbs. Stage One of the race will begin at Prospect and make its way to Lyndoch on January 19th.

So whether you like to stay at home and watch the TV, or go out and enjoy the scenery first hand, you can catch a glimpse of the race wherever you are. Perhaps you may even consider pulling out your own lycra and bike and hitting the road. If you can’t escape it, you may as well join it.


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