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August 28, 2014
What's On

The Royal Adelaide Show

Do you hear it? The sound of 90’s trance music, the bustle of whining children and the incoherent sales pitch of someone yelling through a megaphone.

Do you smell it? The burnt smell of Dagwood dogs trodden into the asphalt and the reek of Eau de farm animal.

Do you feel it? The sunburn on the back of your neck from being transfixed with burly men (and women) wood chopping, the splash of a piglet diving into a pool and the jostle of hundred of punters after the last of your favourite show bags?

Yes, the Royal Adelaide Show is kicking off next Saturday, and gives you 10 days of madness. While this magazine doesn’t offer a comprehensive guide to the show, we can recommend you support local producers and businesses, many of which will be featuring around the grounds of the show. Plus, most offer free tasters, so fill up on frozen yoghurt, cheese and wine before you pay tribute to the Mad Mouse – a fallen icon and the best teeth breaker in Adelaide.

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