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November 27, 2015
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Radio Adelaide CD, Vinyl and Book Sale

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  • Words: Anthony Nocera
  • Pictures: Sharmonie Cockayne

Australia’s oldest community radio station and now in it’s 43rd year of broadcasting, Radio Adelaide has always been about supporting the various diverse voices and people in the community- and that extends to your Christmas shopping.


Radio Adelaide is located at 228 North. You see full event details here.

On December 4, Radio Adelaide will be throwing open the station doors and transforming from quiet production office into a full-blown market place, all while still going to air around Australia and the world.

On offer will be a wide range of books, CDs and collectable classical vinyl – all for under $5. Shoppers will get a chance to browse some of the best in new release music and books, as well as some gems found in the depths of the Radio Adelaide collection and meet some of the people who make up the network of volunteers at the station.

Shopping at the Christmas sale doesn’t just guarantee you a bargain, and an easy way to cross some things off of your Christmas list, but goes a long way in supporting one of Adelaide’s most vibrant and longstanding community organisations… and you might just be a part of history, with this being the last Christmas Radio Adelaide is celebrating at its North Terrace offices.

Doors open at 10am so be sure to there super early, because previous experience tells us that the best and most exciting titles are snapped up fast.

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