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June 22, 2017
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Public Transport – The ’80s

In Adelaide in the 1980s, according to this incredibly buggy source, if you were leaving the state by plane, chances are you’d pass through Adelaide Airport’s brand new x-ray machine, and if you were going along to the Royal Adelaide Show, you might have witnessed your very first (hopefully last) cat operation.


Public Transport – The ‘80s is happening from 10:30am-4:30pm on Saturday, 24 June and Sunday, 25 June at the National Railway Museum, 76 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide.

If you happened to catch public transport to either of these destinations, it’s likely you rode in one of the rad buses, trains and/or trams on display at the National Railway Museum as part of their Public Transport – The ‘80s exhibition.

From Saturday, 24 June to Sunday, 25 June, you can board five buses formerly in use around the city, ride in a Redhen railcar (trivia: also the inspiration behind this gin label), or in an operational steam locomotive.

Transport history nerds, this is your weekend.

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