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November 12, 2014
What's On

Print Cult 2014


Print Cult 2014 opens on November 14, 6pm at Tooth and Nail – 22 Coromandel Place, Adelaide

The cult have been together for years now, but they’re still a-printing and this year they bring you an exhibition of new works themed around the idea of “secret society”.

Bringing together the skills of Joshua Searson, Jake Holmes, Jake Bresanello, Jayson Fox, Kerri Ann Wright, Krause (nee Ankles) and Tommaso Pascale, the Print Cult has a great tradition of combining different art styles in a somehow holistic exhibition.

Featuring t-shirt designs from each artist printed in limited editions runs of 10, as well as live screen printing at the opening night event and a whole swag of other pieces, it’s a perfect occasion to get some art and refresh your wardrobe.


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