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February 23, 2017
What's On

Pets at the Pub

  • Photo: Courtesy of Camellia Aebischer

What are Farrin and Josh without Fredrick the Sausage Dog? What is Louie without Garry the Rottweiler? These are the big questions we ask around the office at 10.20am on a Thursday morning.


Bring your pet to the pub this Sunday February 26th, from 12pm to 5pm at the National Wine Centre.

Disclosure: If you feel like you’ve read this What’s On already, it’s because you have. This event was meant to happen on the 5th of February, but it didn’t, so now it’s happening on the 26th.

The official CityMag answer: Sad.

So, we ask another question: If you can’t take your dog best friend to the pub for a beer and a schnitty, what good is going to the pub at all?

RSPCA South Australia shares our concerns – they’re hosting another Pets at the Pub event this weekend at the National Wine Centre, at which four-legged friends and their owners are encouraged to share a meal and a drink together in the name of raising funds for the less fortunate animals.

Humans can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and vegetarian and non-vegetarian paella, while non-humans can enjoy special treats. All beings can enjoy picnic rugs and acoustic music.

Pictured: Gary happy in the knowledge that he can go to the pub with Louie (his owner, our graphic designer) on Sunday.

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